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21-12-2015, 13:16
So, what the hell are these things? I mean, the model doesent explain it to me, nor does the brief description in the app. So, I don't have a rulebook. He seems to be like this big spawn thingy, but I mean, what the hells up with the tiny head, if it is even a head? I dont know what it is...

Darth Alec
21-12-2015, 13:37
Khorgoraths are "beasts" that wandered into the realm of chaos, and got turned into a "form more pleasing to Khorne".

Effectively, "Khorgorath" is a collective term for any mutated beast of Khorne. They started as some mortal beast, probably anything from a manticore to a lion, and got transfromed by Khorne. You could call them Spawn of Khorne, in execution if not in idea. They now hunger after skulls, and are in physical pain whenever they don't eat more skulls. Once they are full, they wander content back to Khorne, vomit up all the skulls, and are back in pain needing to collect more skulls.

Keep in mind that it is easier to enter the realm of chaos in AoS, and that it is nothing like the Warp from 40k.

21-12-2015, 14:03
Interesting concept, but I still don't get their weird looking heads. I'll just convert one into a form more pleasing to me.

Heh heh, Skull Kangaroos

30-12-2015, 05:17

Mini head tripped me out too. I could almost see 'Khorgy' ejecting it's head every now and then to be replaced with one of the other multitude of skulls it has inside its body.... kinda like a snake shedding its skin

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31-12-2015, 09:17
Some beetle juice stuff going on lol

05-01-2016, 17:25
I think it's kindda cool. What I don't like are the mantis-like arm things popping out of the shoulders.

Spiney Norman
05-01-2016, 22:37
I think it's kindda cool. What I don't like are the mantis-like arm things popping out of the shoulders.

I like the model actually I just wish there was a multipart plastic kit so I could have some pose variation with a unit.

06-01-2016, 16:16
Yeah when I eventually pick up my set Ill be cutting those weird mini arms on the arms off and filling the gaps with green stuff.