View Full Version : Is Nagash actually an incarnate?

It's also a hammer
01-01-2016, 08:38
Hi some things have been confusing about Nagash. Mainly, was he actually an incarnate? Prior to End Times at full strength he was effectively a demi god anyway. When the skaven blew up the black pyramid i thought that stopped his absorbtion of shyish so he wasnt at full power.

01-01-2016, 12:15
He was already powerful, yes. He was an incarnate yes. But him being at full power isnt quite the same compared to another incarnate, as he is very, very powerful. I mean, he already consumed a bunch of gods (death gods) from other cultures. I mean, as Incarnates go he is at the top of the power level for most intents and purposes. Sure the temple blowing up made him less poewrful, but if someone else was chosen by the Wind of Death, even a powerful wizard, Nagash is still leagues ahead of most.

Darth Alec
02-01-2016, 17:40
IIRC, it was stated that if he had finished draining the power from the pyramid, he would have become a god. Not Chaos god-slaying god, but a god in his own right. He was undoubtably an incarnate, but he was also already miles ahead of everyone else.

03-01-2016, 09:15
Yeah, as the first to harness a wind of magic into himself he became the first Incarnate of the End Times (and de-powered many wizards, especially in the Empire, a fact that's often overlooked), but he was also most assuredly NOT a mortal being upon his re-incarnation, in any way, and was wildly more powerful than the rest even when they were in-theory in possession of the same amount of magical energy from their wind (post-black pyramid destruction).

Col. Tartleton
04-01-2016, 22:10
I believe he was roughly as powerful as the other seven combined.

04-01-2016, 23:06
pretty much, and incarnate is being who bind the wind of magic to itself, nagash pretty much force his way to godhood by force....becaue he is nagash