View Full Version : Bretonia Warband any good?

21-01-2016, 19:05
So I am thinking about jumping in a Mordheim campaign and like the idea of running Bretonia knights. But because of how expensive they are my starting warbound would be just 3 models, all mounted on warhorses.

I like the lady of the lake rule where with a succesful LD check before the game starts, it requires a 4+ on a d6 just to be able to shoot at them. But would 3 models be far too fragile?

Questing Knight 80, Warhorse 80, Barding 30, Sword 5, Shield 5, Light Armor 20 = 220
Knight Errant (50) Warhorse (80) sword (5) shield (5) = 140
Knight Errant (50) Warhorse (80) sword (5) shield (5) = 140

Here's an example of the army. So the Questing knight has a 3+ Sv, but the Errants only have a 5+. Would this be viable at all?

21-01-2016, 19:39
I've tried running Bretonnians in Mordheim, and the problem I kept running into was critical hits. The enemy rolls a 6 on a wound roll, and all of a sudden the armor is useless. They're far too fragile, in my experience. It's a shame; I'd love to field them, but armor and horses are just too expensive.

21-01-2016, 19:53
It just seems kind of crazy that a warhorse is more GC than most Leaders in other warbands. A warhorse really doesn't seem like it adds that much more to the power and effective capability to a Bretonia Knight. If the Warhorse was, say 30 pts. It would be more manageable. You could get an extra Knight in there if the warhorses were only 30pts. Or if there was some way to negate those critical hits.

22-01-2016, 17:42
I agree. If only a 5+ on the critical hit table negated armor, that alone would make Brets a lot better.

Armor in Mordheim is just not worth the price. I'd recommend trying to develop some sort of houserule balancing to at least reduce its cost. And horses... you're absolutely right. They are far, far too many GC.

One thing you could try is using a Freelance Knight Hired Sword; they're not absolutely bank-breaking, and would work thematically to get another knight into the mix.

22-02-2016, 01:15
Agreed, armor is horrible in Mordheim. Plus you are fighting in a city. Horses are horrible in city fighting. All the enemy has to do is enter a building and your knights are worthless.

I'd do something like this:

Questing Knight: Light Armor, Great Sword (FLUFF!) (115gc)
Knight Errant: Light Armor, Sword, Dagger (75gc)
Knight Errant: Light Armor, Sword, Dagger (75gc)
Squire: Sword, Dagger (20gc)
Squire: Sword, Dagger (20gc)
Squire: Sword, Dagger (20gc)
5x Bowmen: Swords, Daggers, Box (175)

Total: 500gc

Start off with 6 heroes. Move up with the bowmen, using them to pepper enemies with potshots. Skilled players hide all the time, making long range combat difficult. The bows are just to force the enemy to engage and for a lucky shot. Peasants shield your knights. Try your best to keep your 6 heroes in the game if you can for a good after action exploration.

The light armor is for fluff. The great sword is for fluff. If you want to drop the greatsword, get the questing knight a sword (its only 5gc) and a helm. Same price, probably more effective. Get all of your heroes lucky charms, don't bother with more armor.

If you really want to be effective, drop the light armor. It's 60gc, when you can wait one game and buy toughened leather (5gc, 6+ AS, can't be used with a shield). Saves you 45gc to wait a game. And with the armor save, an armored knight wouldn't look out of place.

Get lucky charms as soon as you can. It's pretty Bretonnian to have them.

Don't bother with your special skills unless you are commonly against enemy warbands whom make them worthwhile. Such as, if your meta has everyone and their cousin armed with missile weapons (other human warbands, skaven sling spam, sisters sling spam, etc) then get Virtue of Noble Disdain. Virtue of the Impetuous (+d3'' charge might be worthwhile if you already have spring (gives you 12'' charge instead of 8'' charge. The extra d3 might take opponents by surprise). If you do get sprint and impetuous, I highly recommend modeling your knights to be like monty python knights with the fake horses. It'd fit quite well.