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10-07-2006, 10:36
Good day everyone, I am looking for some tactics to use against my skaven opponent.

His team consists of the following:

4 Gutter Runners (Or as I prefer to call them, ninja mice)
2 storm vermin
6 Line-rats

What am I supposed to do?
My own team consists of

5 Chaos Dwarves
2 Bull centaurs
5 Hobgoblins

1 Apothecary, 1 reroll, 6 fanfactor.

He uses his gutter runners as the ball handlers, no other mice seems to be let near the ball. So the most obvious tactic would be to punch the lights out of his 4 ninja mice.
BUT they run circles around me, even though I have 5 players with tackle to take away his dodge, my little chunky fellows never even get close to his super rats.
I have tried to let the two cow-dwarves kick back and go on rat hunt. But then again he has 4 of those nasty rats.

So now I am calling out for help! What am I supposed to do? Change the list?
I have played the game to and fro for about 6 years, so I am familiar with the rules and lists, but now I have to come crawling for help, he is starting to get real cocky, he needs a good kick in the tail. (pun intended). :p

10-07-2006, 23:41
seeing as you've been playing a while, you probably already know to hold back with your slow guys, leave them within blitzing distance of the end zone, and actually use your hobgoblins and maybe even a bull centaur to hold up the front line. keep the odd hobbo around for the vital running in assisting blitzes made by your blockers. (Worked for me, i managed to hold the Skaven team that had won every other game by 2/3 touchdowns to a 1-1 draw that i was unlucky not to win 2-1)

Have also used this tactic against wood elves, and other such fast teams. You can afford to expend the hobbos against teams like skaven, as their linemen are just feeble, and you can also perform wonders with the kick skill :)

11-07-2006, 08:57
aaaaah! Superthanks!

As I have been the one playing with fast teams before (WE, Elfs) I have never used that tactic. Now I can really make 'tackle' count. hahahah, thanks again for the advice, I'm gonna have to try it out next time!

11-07-2006, 09:14
Make sure you keep a few hobgoblins back - they are a fast team, if they break through your line they've pretty much scored if there isn't any defence.

Apart from that, hit em! Duff em up good. The chances are that when a gutter runner goes down, he stays down. Stamp for good measure! :p

Old School
11-07-2006, 09:42
Do you foul enough?

I wouldn't bother about trying to stop him scoring with his GRs, I would just pummel EVERY single other rat without the ball! Every turn, put a TZ on as many of his players as you can. Sure he'll dodge out of a few of them, but those that don't are gonna get thumped and that AV7 will start to hurt in the long run.
You've got 5 players with Tackle, so spread them across the field to limit Dodges. I'd pair 4 of them up with a Hobgoblin each and the last Dwarf with the a Bull Centaur.
I'd have one Bull Centaur up front Blitzing anything rat-like and have the other held back to take out any GR that get through your line, not necessarily just the GR with the ball.

11-07-2006, 17:16
ok here is what you do you go onto google and type in fumbbl and click the first thing that comes up. this is a web site that allows you to play blood bowl on the internet for free and you organise a few games against or even with skaven against chaos dwarfs you could ask a friend to set up a team of each with the team lists that your using. you will build up a knoldge of how they work and how to beat them plus anyone can join and plus again we have a warseer blood bowl league and were in the middle of one at the moment and the next is starting up soon, just go to the warseer thread saying blood bowl on your pc and tell yorkie you want to join and any one in the league will halp in any way. spread the word. and if you think your the best well your not becuase the best bloodbowlers in the world are on fumbbl if you have trouble setting it up just contact me on fumble by putting in: ~marnus . were your name would be after joining.

11-07-2006, 17:19
Do you foul enough?

I wouldn't bother about trying to stop him scoring with his GRs, I would just pummel EVERY single other rat without the ball! Every turn, put a TZ on as many of his players as you can. Sure he'll dodge out of a few of them, but those that don't are gonna get thumped and that AV7 will start to hurt in the long run.

No he will dodge out of all of them trust me iv played them and you just want to put a big line of men in front of him, i wouldnt have takin and centours I would just get lots and lots of dwarfs to stomp im till he ahsnt got any more men to stop you from getting your own touch downs. but im just a lizzy player so what do i know?

11-07-2006, 20:44
you can only have 6 chaos dwarves in the team max. IIRC, but even then, against skaven that's probably too many. I would say 5, 2 centaurs and 4 hobbos for the main line-up. Keep one CD on the front line, and keep 1 in each wide zone, 4/5 squares from the end zone, 1 from the wide zone. Their main job is to usher the gutter runners into the middle of the pitch, where there should be more and more tackle zones to evade. as long as these guys are supported there's a good chance it will put them off a fair bit.

are these teams completely unexperienced, or do you have guys with the odd skill? on your blockers, guard is invaluable. I was lucky enough to have one with guard and stand firm. (though i was also lucky enough to have a hobbo with S4 and block :D) like i said, another cheeky ploy is to get a hobbo with the kick skill, and place that ball wherever it's weakest/hampers the guy the most!

15-07-2006, 21:37
can you even have 2 centaurs? i thought the bull centaur was a star player, therefore you can only have one?

15-07-2006, 22:52
no, you are referring to the old lists. And by that I mean, REALLY old :D
In the new list you can have 2 BC's, 6 CD's and up to 16 hobgoblins (if you're using the PBBL-rules).

We have an agreement in our league not to use star players. You have to make your own super stars, which makes it even more interesting. :D

Cpt. Drill
16-07-2006, 00:39
I am going to try that slow player at the back plan myself.... but I am playing necromancers...

When I am reciving I tend to have my wights and ghouls covering my rear or if the opponent is a bit noob a were wolf to push players off the pitch! But I wonder if the plan would work with having zombies defending my rear?

Personally I would have suggested keeping a scattered front line of CD's and then have a bull centure and hobbos gaurding your rear as the Bull centure will blitz something and then the hobbos will add tackle zones to stop catches and the like!

16-07-2006, 16:41
Allright, allright, the moment of truth struck today.
We started up the league today, and guess what, oh yes, the first game against my friend's skaventeam.

So here's what happened in review.

Pre-match: I had re-done my list, taking off the 12th player (HG) and the apothecary, so I could buy an extra reroll, and increasing my FF to 9.

Kick off in my favour, I pick up the ball, form a cage around my hobgoblin, strolls safely towards his end zone, the 2 BC's blitzing around in front of the cage. But somehow, he still gets a player in to blitz my gobbo, manages but the ball bounces to one of my CD's.
I roll a 6 (yeey) and so now a CD has the ball. After a long stroll (6 turns) and 4 casualties later, my Chaos Dwarf scores.


The cage tactic was flawless, he could run around all he wanted, his mice were way too weak to make any real difference.

Next two turns, he does an all out attack on my left-side, and manages to end up in the end zone on his last GFI-roll.

- 1-1. Doh.

Now I'm getting the shivvers, as the next half will begin with me kicking off to him. Let's just say, a few feeble rolls on his behalf, a ball in the crowd, tossing it right across the pitch, to a lone hobgoblin. He ran.
Next turn:

- 2-1!

With a bit of luck but a whole lot of punching, (at this point he had 5 players in the dead & injuerd and one knocked). The plan of punching was paying off.
Next, he does one of his bloody sneak attacks again, managing to roll 3 dodge rolls past a bull centaur.

- 2-2.

Damnit, 3 rounds left, and I was certain he wouldn't let me win.
I round up a cage again, and as he has so few guys on the pitch, I punch another one's lights out, and score in my final round.

- 3-2.

Final Result: 3-2 in my favour, against a team I have never even got near beating before.
Though it has to be said, he had some unlucky rolls, when blocking, 2 x double attacker down, using a reroll, on his first block of the drive. And I also got Blitz on a kick-off.

All I can say is, THANK YOU GUYS for all your help with how to use the BC's, defensive tactics (which I still need to train up to a better quality) and convincing me to use the cage-tactic.

M.F.F* - Mössen i Julteve** 3-2

(*MFF is the local football/soccer team in Malmo, so I named my team in honour of them but call them: Mahkdaz Fighting Footballers instead)

(**Swedish, meaning basically, the mice in the annual disney christmas show, and they being the mice from Cinderella)

Casualties: 6-0 (I got one hobgobbo knocked out, but he was ready to play in the next drive).

Fan Factor Roll: +3 on the roll since I did quite a lot of casualties, and scored 3 TD's, + winning the match, another point of FF thank you very much!

Winnings: 100k, including modifiers (Purchased another hobgobbo and the apothecary.

Star player points: One CD leveled up, getting Guard as his first skill. Other than that, the SPP's were spread out within the team, one HG got 2 casualties.

There you have it every one, super thanks once again for all your help! Next team to play against will be Amazons I think, which gets me excited to say the least :D

Cpt. Drill
16-07-2006, 16:50
Wow thats quite an impressive win!

I really enjoyed reading this Match report so if you have any others im sure people other than me would like to hear them aswell!

16-07-2006, 16:59
Thanks alot CPT. Drill, it's always nice with comments like that! :D

I will post my match reports for the coming games as well, with some thoughts and analysis! All in all, it was a splendid game and very fun for me.
For once it didn't come down to one nasty 5+ roll in the last turn of the game, the tactics functioned almost perfectly, the thing I have to watch out for is the defence, as I let his ninja-mice run in 2 TD's in 2 turns respectively.

I am quite happy now you know ;) I never thought I'd beat him, but now, it feels like I even have a good chance to winning this whole tournament! :D

Thanks again for the comment, have you posted any match reports Cpt. Drill?

Cpt. Drill
16-07-2006, 23:27
I havent befor but I will!

I played a fun game today!

Do you think it would be worthwhile to start a BB match report thread?

17-07-2006, 09:05
It very well could be! It is always fun to read about others and their lucky/un-lucky rolls, blocks and TD's.
For my next game I most certainly will start a new thread!