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19-03-2016, 13:05

I cannot create a new Thread so i aked some questions about the game i got here, and hope for some help.

we use the warbandes from here :
are they good to play like this or does we need a other list?

If a model will be charged from a enemy a attack line will be drawn. A model in 2 inch range who can cut the line can intercept. is this even posible if the intercept the model stands a little behind the charged model but the intercepter would not walk into any other bases?
in the book its a square between the 2 models.
but the blue one is less than 2 inches away from che charge route but not in the square like in the book.
can blue intercept this charge? (the beses would not cross!)

3. we play with all armors get +1 because armor was really bad.
Are there any other options or will this rule imbalance some Warbands to much?

4. if a campaign ist startet with a Band and a really expensive hero dies, can u create a new band for this campaign or u need to play this "broken" band till the end of this Kampaign?

5. we Use the rule a Creature with 2 Weapons get -1 to hit on the 2. Weapon beause shields got allmost never played... u guys think the nerv for this is to hard?

Maybe some more questions will come :D would be really nice if some here could help me out with this questions :D

and sry for my bad englisch... i'm german ;)

26-03-2016, 20:38
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27-03-2016, 00:25
Hello Lettuce,

1) There's a ton of different warbands on that list. Many warbands were never meant to be balanced with all the rest so you can expect imbalance to show up depending on what the players decide to use. The people in charge of Mordheim gave a list of "official" warbands that show us the ones they thought worked the best: http://mordheimer.com/warbands/official.htm

2) According to the rules as written and the picture in the book, no. The intercepting model needs to be entirely within the charge path of the attacker. This is one of those grey areas that people usually ask about, you're always free to use it however you think it should work.

3) I don't use any house rules for armour but that one seems ok. Dwarfs can get a 2+ armour save easily (gromril armour + shield) but critical hits will still get past it.

4) You are always free to create a new warband whenever you want to, even the exact same one. At the start of a league this is usually what happens in my groups. I have never done it myself, though.

5) That's a common and pretty good house rule. I don't think this alone will make shields better than a second weapon but if a shield now gives a 5+ armour save (covered by your armour house rule?) then it will be a much tougher choice.