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16-04-2016, 22:44
So Iíve recently come into an interesting opportunity. A guy at my local gaming store is offering his Necron army, roughly 2000pts of it, for about $250, with the Codex and the datacards included as well. Iím torn about this good opportunity which looks like a massive discount for what models he has, and starting a new army in 40k. I also always wanted a xenos army as a third force alongside my Loyalists and Chaos. So I'm looking for advice on Necrons.

From what I remember he has:

A bunch of Necron HQ models
A solid mass of Warriors and Immortals
5 Praetorians
5 Lychguard
2 Annihilation Barges
2 Necron Flyers
1 C'tan Shard
2 Wraiths
1 Monolith
1 Triarch Stalker
Some Tomb Blades
Plus various other misc models and Scarabs.

All of the above is mostly unpainted.

My question is simple, is it worth it to start Necrons? I like the models and the playstyle, but Iím not entirely certain if itís for me, since I already have two Marine armies. Iím also on the fence on the newer lore about them. I actually like the whole ''Newcron'' lore, but many other people really don't.

16-04-2016, 23:18
Do YOU like them? Is it a good deal? Do you WANT them? If so, who cares what anyone else thinks?

17-04-2016, 03:19
If you loke newcron lore then who cares what others think? Most people have acclimated, and anyone whose going to give you trouble by now is the type to give you trouble regardless. I like my necrons. My sense is they're solidly upper tier because they got the first uber formation (the decurion that such things are now named for), but not as good as those that have come after like marines or eldar.

Smooth Boy
18-04-2016, 07:28
I would take a week to decide, if you come back after a week and still want them then I'd say go for it. I really like Newcrons, it was the only good thing Ward ever did. Not up to date on my US prices but $250 seems a bit steep for built models?

18-04-2016, 13:17
I would take a week to decide, if you come back after a week and still want them then I'd say go for it. I really like Newcrons, it was the only good thing Ward ever did. Not up to date on my US prices but $250 seems a bit steep for built models?

To be honest I've been thinking about this and being indecisive for months now. I like the Necron models, I like the playstyle, they are fairly cheap to buy and I think they would be easy to paint. The only real issue I think for me, is that they seem to be a controversial army that might get the stinkeye. That's really the biggest reason why I've held off on them so long. For a while now it's been them, the Eldar or the Tau for a prospective third xenos army.

I don't mind built models, as they are mostly unpainted and Necrons typically don't have different weapon options. I have a limited budget so I'm more concerned about a cheap price than anything else. It also comes with the Codex so honestly looking at everything it's effectively $200 for a 2000pt army, which is a big discount if I bought them all separately offline.

18-04-2016, 13:24
You're other options are tau and eldar and you're worried about getting the stinkeye with necrons? Go necrons. Keep your friends.

18-04-2016, 14:13
I was also considering Dark Eldar as well, due to my great love of their models and fluff, due the latest Codex convinced me not to bother.

I am aware of the Eldar and Tau's reputation on the tabletop. However my greatest concern between choosing various armies is the fluff and lore and how the fanbase likes them. People are deeply divided over the Newcron fluff. Some people take issue with the Tau lore. Few people take issue with the Eldar Lore, which was my greatest attraction to them. For the other Xenos armies I have no interest in Orks or Tyranids.

I hope that makes sense.

18-04-2016, 14:58
I'd say DO IT!

I recently sold my IG army and used the money to plough into Necrons. I now have £600 worth of Necrons sitting under m bed waiting to 'arise' and be built. If you like the models and the 'feel' of the army you can't really go wrong. I don't use 'net lists' and just build what I like or create a themed army that suits my tastes. You don't have to use a Decurion or the latest trend to have fun. Build what you like, paint the army in a cohesive uniform and have fun.

I've never looked back and like the Necrons as they have lots of Infantry and a good mix of killy robot monsters. The models are great to convert and an all plastic range (except characters) makes life much easier.

18-04-2016, 16:36
To me, Necrons are fun. They are tough, not too powerful, but they'll out last anything. I say do it. If you don't, send him my way, I'll buy em for $250 as I want a huge necron army and mines large but not that large.