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08-05-2016, 15:58
Hello, was wondering if someone could help me here.

I read some time ago (I think) about Sigmar collecting the souls/essence/spirit of daemons?

Have I just made this up or is it in the new background, and if so, do we know what for?


Cèsar de Quart
10-05-2016, 22:10
Stormcast Eternals?

But seriously, I would have liked to see Daemons of Sigmar in WHFB, in very, VERY limited supply. Something like very rare creatures surrounded in myth, usually understood as Chaos daemons, only summoned by very obscure cults and based on forbidden, half forgotten knowledge transmitted by heretic Archlectors and miscarried preachers. Maybe Luthor Huss played with the idea at some point, or maybe after the events of the Storm of Chaos and the portents that herald the Endtimes he decides to do what Gelt did in the Endtimes proper and become the heretic who tries forbidden fruit, only to find that Sigmar lives in the Warp and his conscience, together with the fervour of zealots and priests and Imperial people, have created beings of light and heaven, Daemons of Sigmar that are made of light and may be shaped like birdmen, half Griffon, half Unberogen.

I actually like the idea of Barbarian Griffon People with giant hammers and other beings reminiscent of Heaven and Norse mythology. Think winged, bird-legged Valkyries, and muscled Aven warriors from Magic_ the Gathering.

It could have been nice.

I've got to say, though: I like the aesthetics of the Stormcast Eternals, and they're my first go-to mental image for Sigmar Daemons. But griffon men as very VERY rare Sigmar Daemon beasts... that's also a nice one.

Too bad the Stormcast Eternals ride fat dragons.

10-05-2016, 23:01
Possibly one of the still unexplored Chambers, we have Warrior, Extremis and another one I can't remember the name of.

That would leave around 2 chambers left to flesh out. Maybe one will be Magic-centered since there are no real Stormcast casters so far, and one could include actual Sigmarite Demons.

Eddie Chaos
10-05-2016, 23:22
Legion of the damned, oh wait, wrong setting.

Maybe he uses them to fuel the stormcast? Magic weapons?

He might just be keeping them imprisoned.

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