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23-05-2016, 17:00
Hey guys!

I was posting some thoughts on what the new elves might be fluff-wise on another thread but then I thought that I am also curios about your theories and so I thought better to open a new thread...

I base the following theory on the new Mistweaver model from the Silver Tower box.

You might remember that in the End Times serie is mentioned more than once the Haven that Lileath (AKA the Lady of The Lake, AKA Ladrielle, Lady of the Mists) created to give a hope of survival to the elves before sending his lover Araloth there prior to the destruction of the Old World. She and Araloth also had a daughter whom, according to Araloth's fluff in WE Armybook 8ed, should play a very important role in the future of the elven race.
The last thing we heard about this interesting side plot is that Lileath could not sense the Haven anymore and feared that the Chaos Gods found and devoured it, although there was no explicit hint at this being true (and if you ask me basic storytelling suggests that, until you see the corpse, you should not assume that the murder really took place).

Now let's move forward to the AoS and the new Mistweaver model... What can we see?

First of all it has a strong mist theme, with Ladrielle being known in the Old World as the Lady of Mists, protector of all things that are hidden or lost, and being associated with this particular phenomenon many time. She was goddess of mysteries and illusions as well, both elements featureing quite heavily in the description of the Mistweaver.
Then we have the crescent moon appearing quite extensively on the model and again symbolizing Lileath in her aspect of Goddess of Dreams (as represented on Teclis' staff holding a crescent moon).

Putting all these hints together I think it's not such a stretch to theorize that these new aelves are the descendants of Lileath' and Araloth's daughter, who survived the Age of Chaos hidden in the Haven Lileath created and protected by the spirits of the defunct Grail Knights.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Am I seeing too many signs and omens in GW's simple writing?
I believe that this could be a very interesting way of introducing aelves in the new setting keeping them in line with one of the most interesting storylines in the ET serie!

23-05-2016, 18:26
I have my doubts. Mostly because the mistweaver model had some pretty dark elements. did you notice she has metal spikes on her lower arm, portruding from her skin? I'm worried the new fluff for aelves will pretty much forget the whole 'Lileath's haven' thing never happened... Although I'm hoping it will be solved in the fluff soon. I can't really deal with the fact that aleves are supposed to be missing and now two (!) of them showed up and apparantly AoS inhabitants are even talking about them when they sit around the fire... (as mentioned in the shard's fluff)

It is funny however, I was considering using the Mistweaver as a base for a conversion for Lileath (tone down the spikey bits, replace the closed helmet with an elven face).

23-05-2016, 19:36
You are right about the dark elements Elfhead, although that does not necessarily implies that she has no connection with old fluff... what she does is also pretty grim, unleashing horrorific illusions that trick their enemies into killing each other or dying of sheer terror... This does not sound like something the old world Lileath might do, that much is true, but then again Lileath is gone, dead during the ET. Nothing is known of her children and they might as well have turned into something darker and thirsty for vengeance during the long millennias of the Age of Chaos... I can see in the new mistweaver model some interesting elements that seem to point toward a dark theme, but not entirely cruel, more vendicative than malignant if that makes any sense. She is certainly no high elf but neither dark elf, and rather sits something in-between the two.

That said, I read more carefully the small description of the mistweaver and it does state that she comes form Ulgu which, as far as we know, it's the reign of Malerion and Morathi, so she might as well be some descendant of the dark elves although that sounds like a much more boring and rather uninspired take on the character.

Honestly I hope they will do something with Lileath and Araloth's destiny, since it was one of the most interesting mysteries the ET serie left open and it would be unbelievably silly from GW to just abandon that plot because reasons...

23-05-2016, 19:41
As much as I would like to believe in that theory Hagen, when you go to GW's page and look up the silver tower game. There is a section called meet the hero's. If you scroll your cursor over the mist weaver it says

"Disturbingly serene, veiled behind illusion, she is the eye at the heart of a storm of violent bloodshed. Beware her enchantments"

That doesn't sound very orderly! Sounds more like a witch elf/ aelf. Maybe something from Morathi's new followers....

Edit: Just read your response and it echo's what I was trying to convey.