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27-05-2016, 08:18
I have a huge IG army made of catachan models because i think they look hilarious.
In 3th ed there was a Supplement for catachan jungle fighters you could use to play them but now there is nothing like that, not even a Formation or detachment I know of.

I want to use them as catachans but can't come up with a good idea how to field them to represent this.
Sure I could just field huge blobs of infantry or something like that but I am looking for a possibility to make them a bit better because plain infantry doesn't cut it for me.

Fielding them as veterans with that stealth doctrine could work but in the Standard CAD you can only field 6 troops so that would be 60 men (not enough).
The Militarum tempestus seems not bad because it makes them shock troops and they can deep strike which looks like they hid and ambushed the enemy but the 4+ armor is a bit much even with those huge muscles ^^
And it would be a bit boring to field only that one unit over and over and over again.

So what I am asking is, does anyone have a good idea how to represent them on the table? I don't care if it is a Formation or something like that. Everything would be ok.

Lord Damocles
27-05-2016, 08:36
Catachan fields armoured/mechanised/airborne companies/regiments just like everyone else - so you needn't limit yourself to an infantry-heavy force.

If you wanted to take more than six Veteran units to represent the infantry (personally I'd just take standard Platoons and save Veterans to be Catachan Devils), you could just take multiple Combined Arms Detachments - you'd just need a second HQ.

27-05-2016, 09:42
use them as kroot? allies as convenience for guard:
Guard stats other than WS which might promote how good chans are punching you in the face
6+ save - represents chans more um naked look
Infiltrate - fluffy
move through cover - fluffy
Stealth in forests - super fluffy
Can take hounds - maybe conversion opportunity for the infamous grox
Guns are s4 - not 'as fluffy' but can also take sniper rounds (why not) which is more fluffy

yep, kroot

27-05-2016, 19:31
I take veteran squads, so I can use some of the heavy flamer models I've got. Then, as you need normal infantry platoons to have special weapon squads, you have to give them Demolitions so they can have a demo charge. That's 100 points. I also take a missile launcher with flak missiles, and a melta to make it 135 points per squad. If I can get close I sometimes cause a casualty or two, but I normally just die very quickly.

05-06-2016, 09:13
I've thought of taking them as count's as Dark Eldar. T3, with 5+ armor and poison weapons always suited me fine.