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16-06-2016, 05:32
So, I'm thinking of getting back into the LOTR game. I'd like to build a list around the Half Trolls of Far Harad. Are these warriors any good? Strengths? Weaknesses? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

16-06-2016, 10:29
They are decent enough on paper

- 2 Wounds with decent defence so resilient
- Decent fight of 5 which puts them on par with most basic heroes and elite troops from the Elven hosts
- Great strength of 5 so even D7 troops get hurt on 5s
- 2 attacks base
- Cause Terror


- Courage 2! Not very courageous
- Expensive! While on paper their cost doesn't seem too bad, you can get 2 Corsair Reavers - same fight and attacks - armed with axes will be strength 4 to 7!

Having said that I bought EIGHT of them and love them! They are not the most competitive choices when you look at the army choices clinically - but then life needs some room for fun

I prefer to use 2-4 per list at around 500pts - backed with cheaper troops - and use them as battering rams! I also like to have at least half of my Half-Trolls with double handed weapons - and back them with ample spear support - and their goal is to crush enemy troops.

Keep them away from Heroes as at the end of the day D6 is okay but still being wounded on 5s with no fate - and every Half Troll lost represents a chunk of your war-band effectiveness

Karak Norn Clansman
17-06-2016, 17:07
I hope they're useful on tabletop, for they're one of the best spices to the peripheral parts of the Lotr setting. Granted, they're based on a misreading of a paragraph (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?565053-DCI-Last-Alliance-Total-War-6th-June-Harad-amp-Black-N%FAmen%F3rean-preview-out&p=15010015&viewfull=1#post15010015) in the Return of the King, but that misreading is way better than the actual meaning of the writing. It's a much richer fantasy world with them, particularly since we never heard about any non-Human humanoids down south.

20-06-2016, 08:34
For sure they have a use - to bring them in a list does not take away from your list - and like I said I own 8 of the wee fellows!

They do have a place - a decent battering ram - and can do a lot of damage so not to be dismissed so easily

My post prior just stated that while good they are not the best value for money - but that is due to the under costed nature of a lot of Harad & Umbar units.

In comparison to other armies they are decent for their price - but because of a few under costed units like Corsair Reavers and so on they can be easily dropped for those more point effective units.