View Full Version : Did anyone get the Eldar sketchbook?

25-06-2016, 21:15
Did anyone here go to GW Hull's birthday party and get the Eldar sketchbook? I saw one for sale on Ebay for 100 but it is sold now.

Elbows of Death
26-06-2016, 14:03
Nope. It is the first book they've ever released that I would have actually purchased had they put it up for normal retail sale at a sane price. In short...never.

26-06-2016, 22:14
As i been told by my friendly local redshirt some stores may release it on their own birthday party when the date comes.

As example the one at my city will not happen until 23rd july, so just 1 month away.

26-06-2016, 23:26
That's what I'm hoping but my local GW has their birthday in October. That's a long wait for something without knowing that it will actually be there. I just pray they wont change until then. Or better yet, ask some kind soul to buy one and send to me.

27-06-2016, 09:58
GW Newcastle:NSW have advertised there getting it for their birthday on 9th July

27-06-2016, 19:12
*mutter mutter* holy grail *mutter mutter* damn GW

28-06-2016, 22:29
i have little trouble showing pics of mine after the 23rd july if someone is so desperate after just a month of waiting :evilgrin:

28-06-2016, 23:11
I am desperate

06-07-2016, 20:34
Extremely desperate. And very jealous

Elbows of Death
06-07-2016, 22:27
I've seen some reviews. While a bit on the light side (I believe it's only 45-55 pages) it looks attractive. Compiling a lot of the old artwork and of course, sketches. While I've been surprised by a handful of the smart moves GW has been making lately, they continue with the "let's not sell stuff" methodology which continues to baffle me. There are loads upon loads of players who started Eldar (or heck, 40K) based on the Jes Goodwin sculpts/art. There is probably a huge market for this book - moreso than some others. Oddly, GW choose to not produce it en masse.

08-07-2016, 09:27
Yes this baffles me as well. And what about the people who rely on FLGS and don't have a GW proper in their vicinity? Are they just **** out of luck? Not really fair. Not to mention that we don't know for how long this will be available. Maybe they will change the "birthday exclusives" in a month or two? All in all I'm pretty dissapointed about this as I've been collecting Eldar for the past 27+ years and I've been wanting this type of book for almost as long. But due to GW's weird business decisions I will now have to wait until October and hope that the book will still be there for "my" GW stores birthday.

08-07-2016, 10:45
I'd imagine something like this might get a broader release, perhaps in soft back later- the birthday ones being the special edition. [Hopes fervently!]

11-07-2016, 00:41
There's a brief look at it over at Magpie and Old Lead (http://magpieandoldlead.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/the-eldar-sketchbook-review.html). Few things I hadn't personally seen before, but then I've never seen a copy of Gothic and the Eldritch so I couldn't say if anything is actually previously unreleased. Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up when my local shop has its birthday.

16-07-2016, 04:12
just 1 week away and just saw the book today on the store!!.

Considering i live in a 600k population city our local GW store got a total of 5 copies to sell (not sure if they handle more according to population or selling volume of each store) wich i think it's Gw having a little number reserved to each store since day one.

My local red shirt just put the book on a visible place just to build up some interest in it until the store birthday.