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01-12-2016, 20:43
Well this book has given us quite a bit to talk about now hasn't it. Lets start with what i see as the big stuff:

1)The traitor legions have access to the webway ( tho i think they might just never mention this again).
2)The Emperor did not really care that much about the Primarchs, seeing them ultimately as tools and not sons.
3) The Emperor has no idea what to do once the webway project goes south.
4) The Emperor could have killed the Primarchs rather then let chaos take them.

Also things i am not 100%, if when the webportal to Terra reverts to stone the Emperor can go soul search in ruins does this mean he doesnt actually need to constantly be on the throne? Even if he does, why dont they just hook up more psykers during the siege? Why does Malcaldor need to die?

Lord Malorne
01-12-2016, 21:57
I think once you they (the writers) start getting closer to the mysteries they created they tend to really blunder and eff up trying to flesh them out, like some events of the heresy seemed better when only vaguely described, then when centered on a story, kind of lost the, hmm, wow factor.

02-12-2016, 00:35
I've heard Magnus is in the dramatis personae; is he actually in the book or is it just a mention of his previous actions in wrecking the Golden Throne?

More spoilers please!!!

02-12-2016, 02:31
He appears in the prologue, when he attempts to deliver his message to the Emperor.

02-12-2016, 14:03
He appears in the prologue, when he attempts to deliver his message to the Emperor.

Very briefly.

02-12-2016, 22:38
Huh, disappointing :-/

03-12-2016, 20:28
Huh, disappointing :-/

Yes and no.

Magnus is not in it in person this is true. But reading the book i assure you he is EVER present, the webway has been named after him 'Magnus Folly', custodes curse him under their breath, and from start to finish there is a palpable feeling of sadness and blame cast on him. He may not be there in body but everything takes place under his shadow.

04-12-2016, 15:42
Interesting. Thanks for sharing; I'm still gonna pick it up anyway!

06-12-2016, 13:07
The Emp doesnt really care about anyone.
He tells them what they want to hear. So they will fight harder, and will throw anyone in front of the spear to survive, including his golden sons.
Any gate left unguarded will eventually fall and it was a siege. Im guessing they ran out of psykers, while the Emps was still on the Vengeful Spirit. So Malc jumped on it.
If 1k brought him 24 hours. Max slots was 10k.