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03-12-2016, 05:22
I thought this would be a good kicking off thread for the new Warseer HH forum. Certainly to not all, as HH is more popular than sliced bread, for those that can get their hands on FW models. No this is not a pricing thread nor is it a wishlisting thread, this is a thread to have a rational look at what GW plans to do in plastic Heresy era marines. This has a direct impact on what gamers budget for and what they buy. I feel that's a pretty good topic.

I believe a Deimos pattern Rhino is a given, perhaps even a Proteus pattern Land Raider. GW seems to be following their normal program of making the "bread and butter" models while FW does the special accoutrements, doors, special squads, shoulder pads etc. It makes me wonder if it is only a matter of time before GW starts publishing the rulebooks for the Horus Heresy.

So I'm curious to know what the community thinks. How far do you believe GW will get into the Horus Heresy timeline?

03-12-2016, 06:10
Given the obvious success of the HH models, books and novels, and GW themselves jumping in with two board games, it can only be a matter of time before HH starts to shift more and more towards GW. I can see this going as far as the normal relationship between GW and FW: GW owns the core game and models, FW make the more extravagant extras and upgrades.

The recent significant price drop in FW's HH book collections could also be an early indication: maybe FW is clearing their warehouse so GW can take over printing responsibilites in a second edition HH game? I can see that happening after the rumoured 8th ed 40k hits, with GW then printing supplement books to play Age of Darkness games.

All that being said though: I hope it doesn't change significantly from the way it is now. Cheap plastics to form the core of your armies, with FW taking the brunt of everything else for the HH. The books are absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't want that to change. I also wouldn't want the game to change significantly, with its focus on more faithful representations of the legions and a focus on "fluffy" and "hobby" armies.

03-12-2016, 06:35
The books are absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't want that to change. I also wouldn't want the game to change significantly, with its focus on more faithful representations of the legions and a focus on "fluffy" and "hobby" armies.

GW books have really risen in quality as of late. Regardless of the rules 7th edition hardback ruleset was very well done. That being said nothing is ever really going to trump a Forge World rulebook. So although I se GW is incorporating the font and style that FW came up with for the Heresy line I just can't see GW coming out with a (semi)reasonably priced ruleset for the masses. I think they quality will suffer some, but on the upside it would get players like me who are on the fence to dive on in. I'm no stranger to Forge World but I do prefer working with plastic.

And no that doesn't touch the rules because I've never played HH. My impression, prior to HH, was that the FW books were well made (I have a couple myself) but the rules were not quite in sync with 40K.

By the way, welcome back Radium, one of the best painters on Warseer. I miss that Eldar Craftworlders army.

03-12-2016, 15:58
I'm no stranger to Forge World but I do prefer working with plastic.

Moving stuff to plastic is by far the most exciting part about GW moving into HH era, and I think it's helped the HH boom even more (I jumped in because of the plastics, and several of my mates too).

The rules not being in sync is the interesting part I think. Currently, 30k plays mostly like 40k with different units and weapons, and a more traditional army design (good ol' FOC). If GW were to take over 30k completely, I can see it moving to a completely different rulesbase. Probably continuing on from the current base 40k rules - maybe streamlining things a bit as they were in 4th and 5th ed. 40k could then move on to AoS style rules (though probably not nearly as extreme), making for a more beginner-friendly game.
Conversely, GW taking over 30k might mean it moves to the board games style we've seen with the BaC and BoP boxes.

And thanks :). It's good to be back, and I'll always be eyeing Eldar. If 40k changes for the better I'm all again with the space elves. Bet let's not derail this thread further.

Spiney Norman
07-12-2016, 11:13
Quite honestly I'm far less worried about this than I used to be, over the last year or so GW has turned a lot of things around for the good (although not the 7E 40k ruleset as yet). I am moving back towards trusting the main studio more and more, which is a good thing really as there are signs pointing to the release of 8th edition next year and that will obviously affect 30k in a huge way.

I would love it if they release plastic rhinos, maybe even predators and vindicators and let FW concentrate on the larger/more specialised vehicles like sicarans, spartans and superheavies and the more exotic Dreadnought patterns.

I think it would be far better if FW kept the rules writing in house as things stand at present, they have a reputation for doing a good job despite having a very shaky rules set to base the game on.

11-12-2016, 10:47
I'm with Spiney on this, i can only see 30K getting better with the new direction that GW is heading in.

17-03-2017, 05:03
Honestly I, fine with GW taking over more of the basic unit choices in plastic, but I want them to keep their mitts off the FW rules. For me I ran to 30k because 40k became way to cluttered and cumbersome with formations, new bigger or more powerful units, and data slates and all that. The old school vibe of FOC is one of the main selling points for me honestly, besides the great internal balance of the rules set FW have made. If those things changed I don't know if I would still be as into 30k as I am now.