View Full Version : The Woods: Adventures in the world of Celtic Folklore

03-12-2016, 20:59
Believe the tales they told you… every word is true.

There are trees in the heart of the forest older than mortal memory.
They have seen the coming of the demons from the sea, the one-eyed creatures pursued by the great evil.
They have seen the Fair Folk dance across the void, filling the land with their servants.
They have seen cruelty, violence and fear.
Still they watch, as the mortals rebuild their world, and countless strange and terrible creatures watch along with them from the darkness of the woods.

The Woods is a world of Celtic folklore where the lives of everyday Mortals brush up against the supernatural realm of the Folk. The Woods: Secrets of Shandisholm sourcebook is now available and Barrow Ring Burning, the first narrative campaign sourcebook is out now.


Looks very interesting and a certainly a different setting for a roleplaying game.

21-01-2017, 15:45
It's good stuff ... the books are beautifully produced .... and Geoff, who is a lovely fella, is churning out some really interesting minis for this.