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09-12-2016, 10:30
Hello Oldworlders!
In this thread I would like to ask you whether the following artwork, the cover art from the second End Times episode (if I'm not mistaken), has been represented in the actual lore of the End Times?

Despite having read multiple synopses and discussions on the book as well as having skimmed the book myself, I can not remember any character looking like the "Khaine Avatar/Incarnation" depicted on its front.
Prior to its release I assumed that the one to take the Sword of Khaine would assume this form, but as we saw with Tyrion, that did not happen (right?).

To this day I had assumed that the artwork was merely an ideational representation of the unleashing of Khaine's aspect, along the lines of the Khainite images represented through the Dark Elves' "Cauldron of Blood" (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/catalog/product/600x620/99120212009_CauldronofBloodNEW01.jpg) or the Eldar's "Avatar of Khaine".

But doubt has been gnawing on my mind repeatedly and I would finally like to know from those who have actually read the book in its entirety what this cover art is actually about in terms of the End Times story.

Thanks in advance for your input :-)

09-12-2016, 16:18
Ain't actually read it either, but judging from the fact he was still galloping around the battlefield on top of his (un)trusty steed by the time he died... I very much doubt he ever metamorphosed to quite that extent.

Either that, or WHFB was even more hilarious than I remember it :D

10-12-2016, 08:13
There's nothing in either the big End Times: Khaine book, or the accompanying novel, that has a character look like that. Tyrion remains Tyrion in appearance; too busy being angry and killing elves to weld spiky blades to his armour, and any fire he breathes is purely metaphorical.

Various people do have visions of gods (including Khaine of course) at some of the big battles, which is the closest the image gets to being something actually seen.

EDIT: possibly Tyrion is perceived as looking close to that image as a result of being the incarnate of Khaine, regardless of what his true appearance actually is. The end of the book has Teclis seeing the hate/anger etc. being washed away from his body after his death.

12-12-2016, 07:04
Thank you very much, guys. I had thought (or should I rather say feared?) as much. It's a bit of a letdown, really, seeing how very cool that Khaine Avatar looks on the cover.

Lost Egg
12-12-2016, 13:55
Maybe its more of a glimpse of whats to come for the Aelfs?

12-12-2016, 19:30
It's probably worth adding that the Cauldron of Blood was apparently originally going to be part of the End Time: Khaine release (which instead ended up the only book without models), but got moved forward to come out with the rest of the Dark Elf revamp. That'd suggest that the Cauldrons, and their associated giant statues of Khaine, were previously going to have a more significant role in the book.

Col. Tartleton
14-12-2016, 07:04
I'm just bitter more of the Age of Sigmar stuff isn't in End Times. All the hype and build up for the 5th book and then Archaon is just the dude on a horse from Storm of Chaos. All the rumors about Archaon on a dragon were false, or so it seemed, but then seemingly a few months later its like "ARCHAON ON A CHIMERA! HE'S A HUNDRED FEET TALL!" and oh look its Valten, the Prime Celestant and Grimgor Fist of Gork, and Alarielle Avatar of Isha, etc.

Should have just made a 9th edition with all the cool stuff added in.

"Grimgor Fist of Gork led his 'ardboyz across the Dark Lands krumpin' stunties and gitz, until they reached the Fire Mouth. After a mighty struggle Grimgor Ironhide defeated Greasus Goldtooth in single combat. The mountain then erupted and having reached the end of the known world he left his army in the capable hands of Borgut Facebeater he chained himself onto the back of his Maw Krusha named Bigteef and flew back to the Old World on a mission to claim the title of the once and future git. Archaon must die..."