View Full Version : What do you think is in store for the Aelfs?

Lost Egg
12-12-2016, 18:02
Apart from the two Silver Tower minis and the not-aelf Sylvaneth we haven't seen any elves. What do you think lies in store for them, lots of new minis with a full AoS treatment or reboxing old kits?

Personally, I'm hoping we get two Aelf factions one led by Malarian and the other led by Tyrion/Teclis. I'd love to see both Aelf factions get an overhaul with a similar release to Ironjawz or the Fyreslayers:

3 Characters
2 or 3 Units

Perhaps with an old reboot too just to build up the numbers.

I fancy building up a small Aelf warband based around the Silver Tower Mistweaver mini but am reluctant to do so knowing that chances are its gunna be irrelevant in a year or so. With the capture of Slaanesh we may not be seeing him/her or its captors for some time...

So what do you think we'll see and when?

Rogue Star
13-12-2016, 15:39
I would expect pretty much the current overhaul style. Also a running theme for each faction seems to be the nature of their realm/lore of magic; Fyreslayers from the Realm of Fire, flames feature quite heavily, same with the Sylvaneth from the Realm of Life, being tree-spirits, blossoming, withering, etc.

So really, Aelves come from the Realms of Light and Shadows - I would expect the sun to feature heavily in the former, with glass, crystals and prisms, and the moon, shadows, cloaks etc to feature heavily in the later.

Lost Egg
13-12-2016, 17:47
That was my thought

I wonder if we might have one or two Flesh Eater style battletomes as the Wanderers have a fair range left still, though they could do with a monster.

I assume that anything that doesn't make the cut will eventually just go MO direct then vanish.

14-12-2016, 10:50
total speculation

rogue star ideas seem spot on and i would go a little further.

with the creation of realms i see a lot of the alliances having type of each race in a few of the realms.

dwarfs we so far have fire and strong rumours of metal, but there is no reason not to have the others such as shadow, being rangers

aelfs would be the same. fire aelf following an avatar of Khaine?

speaking of Avatars, i would expect this on GW road map. it is an old model in the eldar range and would work well in AoS too. i would guess it would be a big model the size of Magnus

as i said at teh top total speculation, but just my thoughts

Lost Egg
15-12-2016, 05:48
Well your fire elves could easily be followers of light, Teclic-Tyrion.

Could be a good tie in with 40k as you say.

I like the idea of shadow demons or whatever for the Malarian followers.

17-12-2016, 21:25
I agree we will probably see a High Elf-type faction with a new model for Teclis/Tyrion and a Dark Elf-type faction with Malerion (the artist formerly known as Malekith).

I doubt we will see a new Wood Elves faction but who knows.

Lost Egg
18-12-2016, 05:57
I hope they don't just port over the aesthetic of the old world elves, I'd like to see them do something a little different even if it is just minor touches.