View Full Version : Comprehensive List of Warhammer Fantasy Characters in Age of Sigmar

Buddy Bear
10-02-2017, 23:17
Could someone provide me with a comprehensive list of characters which previously existed in Warhammer Fantasy but survived into Age of Sigmar? I'm not talking about characters which have AOS stats, but characters which are active parts of the AOS setting, like Sigmar, Archaon, Nagash, etc.

Rogue Star
13-02-2017, 18:50
Think that might require a pretty heavy investigation of Realmgate War series, but basically anyone that got tied to one of the Winds of Magic in the End Times "survived" in the sense their soul seems to have become bound to it. Allarielle didn't magically travel through space to wind up in Ghyran, the Jade Kingdoms, she awoke and created it, and unless Nurgle or some power completely overpowers and absorbs it into the Realm of Chaos, she will exist as long as it presumably does.