View Full Version : Interest in starting up a Roll20 dnd5 group ?

17-03-2017, 00:00
as the topic says, anyone interested in creating a dnd5 grp on roll20.com and do some weekly or bi weekly games ?

Im myself am running "curse of stradh" in RL so Im not looking to DM, but rather play, so if a DM would be interested to join
it would be very nice.. ;)

Just shout out here and we shall see if we can make it work.. =)

Teh Real New Girl
21-03-2017, 16:02
Bit busy with WarSeer at the moment but later this year I am considering DMing a fortnightly RPG session on here. Keep your eyes peeled and ill be asking for expressions of interest later on.

29-03-2017, 00:07
That would be a good schedule.. =) howler away when rdy and we shall see if things fit.. =)

Teh Real New Girl
29-03-2017, 03:38
Will do :) thanks for replying.