View Full Version : THE THING boardgame is crawling it's way onto shelves this year

22-03-2017, 22:43

This is turning into the Kurt Russell Boardgame section of WarSeer TM but Mondo, in assosiation with Project Raygun have announced they are releasing a boardgame based on the John Carpenter classic.

"Our first collaboration will center around John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror thriller, The Thing. In the new signature board game, titled INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31, the tension and mystery of The Thing is recreated as players race to discover who among them are infected in the hidden identity game play engine. We recruited one of our favorite artists and package designers, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, to handle art duties."

I'm pretty excited about this. The Thing is one of my favourite films. Not sure how well produced it will be as I don't know of Mondo or Project Raygun at all. But if they can capture the film's atmosphere in game form, it's what I need in my life

Skinflint Games
07-07-2017, 14:34
Hell yes, love that film! :-)

15-03-2018, 09:09
Have a look here:


this is inspired by the short story, that in turn inspired the movie (which in turn is a remake of an older B&W sci-fi flick :)).

15-03-2018, 20:44
Looks very cool! Think I may have to pre-order it!