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Teh Real New Girl
23-03-2017, 20:16
Hi folks

Here is a link to the first album of recovered images. We will be adding as per the poll that blackcherry set up but wanted to put a few up for you right now.


It's intended to be a holding area so we are going to need your help in identifying pics if any are yours please, and they can then go to the appropriate place in a thread etc and come out of that album. Things are undecided at the moment as exactly how its going to work and it will also depend on the results of the poll and the input of the community.

Thanks all :D

23-03-2017, 21:26
This is great news! Thanks!

24-03-2017, 18:04
at last! this place is pretty dull without pics. Thanks very much!

25-03-2017, 14:52
Thanks for all the effort that you've put in to find all of the images :).

Captain Brown
03-04-2017, 06:12
Lads, this will not link to your PLOGs automatically (Edit: The New Girl has got the gallery back in service you can move them to your gallery and link them into your PLOGs).



Teh Real New Girl
07-04-2017, 09:30
Lads, this will not link to your PLOGs automatically...unfortunately you still need a way to link them back...however once The New Girl has got a gallery back in service you can host them there...in the meantime there is still Photobucket, just set aside some time for your uploads as it is slow.

Anyone with quicker free hosting please share.



We DO have a working gallery and the in post photo uploads are also working fine.