View Full Version : Sector Mechanicus (Shadow War) Terrain...is it any good?

Lost Egg
14-04-2017, 07:59
These questions go out to all the lucky few who managed to grab a copy of the Shadow War game or have built or played with the new terrain...

Is it any good?

The height of each level looks to be maybe double that for the old card terrain - is it too big?

Does it go together well?

Do you think it would transport well? I play most of my games down my LGC

Do you think it would work well with 3 levels or is 2 about the max you can go? Without being too impractical for transport, stability etc

How much do you think you need for a good game of Shadow War? I always thought you needed 2 games worth of the old card terrain for Necromunda but with the new stuff I get the feeling you need 3 or more SW boxes or a good dozen plus of the individual kits.

To be honest from what I've seen in the new WD I'm a bit of two minds...it looks good but is a bit over detailed for my tastes...its expensive but a lot of the competing terrain out there looks a bit flimsy. Had the boxed game been more widely available I think I would have ended up with 2 or 3 boxes over time but buying the kits individually is very pricey.

01-07-2017, 18:41
I don't own any, but have played with guys who have them and I can say this: they look awesome and go together really well. The parts are modular enough that you don't have to glue everything together and can set it up with flexibility.