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15-04-2017, 11:20
Morning all,
I've been running a Bezerker Assault list for a while with my World Eaters, and I wanted to pop in a support squad to soften up some harder targets. Mainly large blobs if Imperial Fist Terminators.

In most scenarios, a regular 5 man terminator squad falls under shear weight of dice that the World Eaters tactical squad can produce. I'm mostly playing against Imperial Fists, Ultramarines and Iron Warriors. The Imperial fists ability to take storm shields doesn't really bother me as I mostly rely on weight of dice when dealing with the rather than spamming them with AP2, and I generally try to keep my Red Butchers out of their reach.

I have 40 Bezerkers with chain axes, and run them in 2 groups of 10 in Rhinos and a group of 20 in a Spartan. The group of 20 can handle itself and including my Praetor and Gahlan Surlak they tend to smother most things. But the 10 man squads really suffer from not having assault vehicles, especially as I am beginning to see more 10 man terminator squads. My plan to remedy this is run up a flamer support squad alongside them, let them both disembark but have the flamer squad sit between the tactical squad and the target. The flamer squad will lay down some templates and hopefully do a bit of damage, aswell as soaking up the charge from the terminators. This will also leave my tacticals free to charge the following turn.

Another minor issue is I'm sick of sourcing chain axes and I want to paint something a bit different.

So this kind of leaves me with two choices:

Support Squad
9 Marines + 1 Sgt. w/flamers
210 pts

Heavy Support Squad
9 Marines +1 Sgt. w/heavy flamers
Void hardened armour
295 pts

I've ignored Volkite here as I'm not convinced as to the effectiveness of deflagrate on Terminators.

I like the heavy flamers for their plus one strength and ability to take void hardned armour, but I'm not to keen on the cost in points as they rival the Terminator squad in this department. On the otherhand the support squad has scoring, which when my other two rhino squads are generally inducti, is good for objective games. They also have the ability to take extra close combat weapons, which could make them just as annoying for the Terminators as my regular tacticals.

I have also considered some middle ground using a veteran squad with two heavy flamers, which works out something like this:

9 Veterans
2 Heavy Flamers
1 Sgt. w/Power Fist and Artificer Armour

The have two close combat weapons standard and outside my deployment zone will gain hatred aswell as having 5 attacks each on the charge. In this case, the tactical squad would become the 'sacrificial' unit, and the veterans would be doing the heavy lifting. This seems like the best option as they are also a scoring unit.

Any advice before the nails take me completely?

Thanks in advance :)

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06-05-2017, 17:18
Personally i think the flamer squad is gonna be a lot more fun, and with WE rules and chainaxes they're gonna be useful in cc as well.
I'm interested to see which way you went, as gonna add a support squad to my WE and i can't decide between the cheaper awesome option of flamers or melta for vehicle hunting.

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