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03-05-2017, 20:22
Ok, so GW has, briefly, gone through player turn phases, but I can't really say what the final verdict is on 8th ed is on my end. So let's go through in order as to what has been discussed, then ranking them from best to worst.

Movement Phase - Movement stats are nice. Gives flavor to your units and makes you actually have to know what your unit stats are. I also like that running has been rolled up into movement because it only makes sense to do so (it can't be more black and white than that). You still sacrifice shooting, but interesting tid bit is that GW said it did/or did not affect charging. So I'm curious to see how that plays out. Last thing, falling back at the beginning of your movement phase OUT of combat is an interesting touch, but you can't run, shoot, and charge as a result.

Psychic Phase - THANK GOD, NO MORE WARP CHARGE POOLS! It get ridiculous over the course of the game seeing a million powers used and took 5-10 min just getting through it. Now rolling 2d6 to beat the warp charge for whoever it is makes much more sense and balanced. This I will say is a win because me, and others, have been wanting a return of the 2d6 system. It works. And powers can still be blocked. So this has been one of the best changes so far.

Shooting Phase - Not too much of a change, other than pistols will be more useful (shooting while in combat or within 1" of another model). Heavy weapons get a boost with now just a -1 to BS when moving, making devis and long fangs more effective (especially with drop pods). Finally, cover only adds to armor saves, while some weapons ignore those add ons. Overall, I think heavy weapons are the real winners here.

Charging Phase - Again, not too much of a change because it's still on a 2d6 for charging, except you just need to be within an inch to complete the charge. Overwatch still in affect, but nothing new to report on that other than you can fire overwatch multiple times (we'll see later what that actually means, there's more to this I'm sure). It does make assault units a little more viable. Now they just need to answer whether or not you can charge from transports.

Fight (Assault) Phase - 3" free movement, pulling in surrounding squads within that range, Going first if you charged, and a fixed to hit system for WS (like some will be able to hit on 2+ so Kharn is no longer the only one who can do it), this almost brings back assault armies. Again, GW needs to confirm if you can charge from transports. If it happens, it could be said that assault armies are back, although many would argue you should just get a free 6" and jump from unit to unit. We'll know more when more information comes.

Morale Phase - This is the only phase I'm not sold on yet. Not that I don't mind doing this at the end of the player turn, no falling back, and no regroup tests, but for armies with small squads and low Ld? I don't know how I feel about that. All you really need to do is sit back, shoot them, and watch them lose more guys in this phase. Just seems "meh" at best, for now. I know AoS has this, but it's a different game where shooting isn't as big as 40k. I also understand it speeds up the game, but it could have gone a different way. Hopefully, modifiers will be applied wherever they may be placed. Otherwise, give a lot of love to your sgts.

I'd say the biggest winner for change and improvement goes to the psychic phase. At this point, it's NOT as overpowering as what it was. Runner up is tie between the movement, charging, and fight phases, since it all has to deal with getting guys up into assault. Shooting is 3rd place only because not a lot has changed other than heavy weapons. Right now (unless something comes out saying otherwise), the loser of the player turn phases is the morale phase. Again, it's not that it's at the end of a player turn or any of the other stuff, that's fine. It's just losing more models being lost in the process is my only beef with this new test. We'll see what happens (I just hope they don't give Eldar an edge in this area).

Despite the apparent weakness in morale, overall, 8th ed is shaping up very nicely. I would like to start seeing some more sample weapon profiles (particularly cc weapons), modifier, and vehicle/monstrous/gargantuan charts to get a better sense of what to expect. It's good to see a daily update of what's coming, and that GW is beginning to listen to it's consumers on much of this stuff (now they just need to drop some of their prices). Where do you rank these phases?

04-05-2017, 02:03
I think its premature- it all depends on the details.
Even spamming smite is potentially ridiculously broken for psyker armies (let alone what can be done with real powers rather than just baby's first psi-manifestation).

Morale seems terrible, but it depends on a lot details and rules. Same with charges and the fight phase. If its really as written, then things are changing immensely, but that means things like charging into cover, assault grenades and banshee masks don't need to exist because they serve no purpose at all... which I find unlikely.

Personally, if it really is as-written, 8th is going to warp army building in a really absurd way, with either extreme of all-terminator equivalents or all mass horde with no upgrades. Everything else looks to be a bad decision for the way morale punishes you even more for getting unlucky (and it is pure dice, and not anything you can affect, at least not with the info presented). You either have to put everything into taking as few wounds as possible, or just have so many that you never have to care.

04-05-2017, 11:04
Mass hordes are going to lose big in morale phase unless Ld goes up a bit, but seeing SM at LD 7 doesn't give much hope.
Of course SM will be protected by likely some form of ATSKNF, gits.

Having models disappear like this instead of run/regroup we see now means easy 'kills' (no hit/wound/save) and as said will punish different armies differently but on the whole is kinda harsh. Guess thats the point?

Reward attackers for tactically focus firing etc.

Also would be good to see more LD modifiers for being in cover/secure position or others