View Full Version : Mantic Fantasy Terrain Mega-Sets: Dungeon, Battlefield, Mine, More!

10-05-2017, 21:25
Repost from the trading/crowdfunding forum since I think you all will find it interesting!

Hey all, four days left on this one and the expansions just keep on expanding... At this point you can basically replace two HeroQuest games worth of furniture. I'm all in, who's with me?


11-05-2017, 19:45
arrrgh why was this not advertise ages ago, same with twisting catacombs always late and when I can no money to do it great find thou

12-05-2017, 20:29
I'm in. There is some wonderful looking furniture. Don't think I will be getting the battlefield option. Will have to get the dungeon and town crates. Will also be adding Dark lords tower and torture chamber.