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Lord Damocles
27-08-2017, 21:10
It's the 30th anniversary of Warhammer 40,000! And anniversaries have been going really well in White Dwarf lately... :shifty:

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Lord Damocles
05-09-2017, 19:08
I have... issues... with the cover art.


It's obviously based upon Sibbick's cover of Rogue Trader


Is it supposed to be a depiction of the same event?

If it isn't intended to be the same event, then it's incredibly uninspired - both from a compositional point of view, and from a background perspective.

The Crimson Fists are on Rynn's World which is being invaded by Orks (again), and they're making a last stand (again). Fine, we get it they made a last stand on Rynn's World and that was their big thing - why are we now re-hashing that again?

The layout of the piece effectively directly copies the original version - Marine with raised fist and severed ork head in centre looking left, tattered banner to the right, guy dropping his gun on the left, centre bottom a Marine firing to the right, next to him a fallen Marine with no helmet, everyone on a small hill, silhouettes of ork walkers in the background.

Again, I get that it's to some degree a re-working of the original, and so would be expected to be compositionally similar, but this isn't the first time the same (or a very similar) event has been depicted; and Gallagher's cover of the 3rd edition Codex: Space Marines, for example, didn't feel the need to re-tread old ground so closely:


It looks like a lack of imagination and/or reliance on past glories.

If it is intended to be the same event, then why are there Primaris Marines in there?!

I can see the argument that it's a symbolic link between the present and the past of 40K, yadda yadda yadda, but that would be incredibly disrespectful to the background of the universe - there weren't any Primaris Marines present during the battle for Rynn's World, and inserting them into a 'historical' scene smacks of a lack of care for the integrity of the universe and its three decades background and canon.

I don't know; perhaps I'm over thinking it - perhaps it's not one of either disrespectful or unimaginative - but after the appalling way the 40th anniversary of White Dwarf was covered back in May, I'm finding it difficult to give White Dwarf or Games Workshop more generally the benefit of a more charitable interpretation.

Other than that, I'm sure the issue is probably great :shifty:

07-09-2017, 13:26
Its not the same event, its about a battle report that occurs in the issue. Rynn's world is caught in a second invasion and Gulliman is rushing to save them with his Primaris in tow. They break through a Chaos blockade (battle in issue) and then the Primaris arrive to reinforce the Crimson fists resulting in a similar incident to that which occurred over 200 years ago.

The art was a tribute to the original. Its okay, the dreadnoughts in the background are now stompas, which matches with the need for everything to be bigger (!). Whilst its a nice shot (and the large poster freebie is okay) I felt the CGI faces lack the grit and desperation of the original, nor the bloody toll (count the bodies!) in Gallaghers bit. But on the plus side its a bit more realistic in appearance and matches with the artwork of most the new heresy books.

17-09-2017, 13:33
Dont know what you expect, 8th has not been a hotbed for originality or inspiration. Its HH markII, so you get Rynns world last stand mark II.

19-09-2017, 10:51
it was an ok issue.

40k recap was average, but nice for the newer people in the hobby to see how and where the game has developed from.

battle reports were fun. i was hoping to see a bit more from mortarion but guessing he will be in next months issue

tale of 4 gamers has now finished, but i think this needs a bit of a revamp or leaving for a year or 2. would like to see them playing more games with them over the course of the articles. explain to people how you collect and play a growing army.

7 for me