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22-10-2017, 04:24
I took my Kodsticklerburg table over to Hypaspist's house this afternoon adn we played a couple of games: beastmen vs Skaven and then Dwarves. I got involved in the game I rather forgot to take pictures so that is why this is a mini-report :shifty:.

First game was Defend The Find scenario. Beastmen are the defenders having located a hoard of wyrdstone in a building; they are determined to hold it at all cost. The Beastmen were lead by a Chief with two axes, light armour and a helmet (I think...), a number of Ungors with spears and a Minotaur with light armour and a two handed axe. The Skaven were led by an Assassin Adept with fighting claws and light armour; an Eishin sorcerer; a Black Skaven with light armour and a flail; 4 Verminkin with swords and 2 Night Runners with slings.
Here are some Ungors, the chieftan and a terrifying Minotaur guarding the treasure:
Some of the Skaven preparing to advance against a lone Ungor lookout:
The first decisive combat of the game; the Minotaur takes out the Skaven Assassin Adept, loses his mind (the Frenzy special rule) and takes his frustrations out on the lowly Verminkin while the Beastmen Warchief looks on.
Another combat on the other side of the building saw the same result for the Skaven (I kept forgetting to cast the Skaven magic user's spell which would have actually been helpful in this scenario). With only the lowly Gutter Runners in the building and half the Beastmen within 6 inches the last 2 Skaven buggered off.

Next game I decided to give the Dwarven treasure Hunters a trot out.+ Led by a Noble with heavy armour and a 2 handed sword; an engineer with a brace of pistols; a clansmen with a Dwarven axe and light armour; another clansmen with a sword, shield and light armour; a Thunderer with a handgun and a beardling with an axe. Their Beastmen opponents the same as the previous game. This scenario was Hidden treasure- the Warbands have to search the buildings looking for a treasure chest. The Beastmen set up on the outskirts of town:
Despite being closer to buildings than the Beastmen, the Dwarves have only searched three buildings with no luck by the time the fast-moving herd has made it to the centre of the table (Dwarf Noble with the fancy hat he bought with money he earned guarding Marienburger caravans with Pitr with handgun and Stan with Dwarven axe at the bottom of the picture):
In a move of questionable honour, Yosh (to the right) and old Henke the engineer (middle between buildings) abandon young Schmengi to the Minotaur:
In the end, Henke and Stan would exact a measure of revenge by taking out the Minotaur in melee (Henke disharged both pistols in melee inflicting two wounds on the beast and Stan finished him off with a Critical ). Unfortunately for the rest of the party, their fearless leader's inability to inflict a wound on the Beastmen Warchief would ultimately lead to them being wiped out.

iron kid
30-10-2017, 06:28
Cool batrep photos!

02-11-2017, 14:09
Indeed, that's a fantastic table to play on :cool: Also cool to see some Beastmen in action. Thanks for posting!