View Full Version : Game release schedule too packed?

14-11-2017, 14:37
Speaking personally it takes me 6-12 months to really get into a miniature games system. Painting time, recruitment of opponents, getting games in, making custom board etc. GW is for me pushing games out too fast. I don't have time to assess a game, decide whether or not to get it, then get some decent play time in as the next one is out shortly after.

Do you think things need to be slowed down as well as more effort put into each game? For me 6 months of support for a game like Bloodbowl pushing out all the teams then 6 months light coverage, then 6 months shadow war, etc, etc would have been a lot better.

14-11-2017, 16:44
Not really. You don't have to buy every single game. All companies are releasing games all the time, its up to you and your friends to decide which you invest in. Fow GW, I have actually felt this years release schedule has been poorer than the last year. We've had death guard and primaris for 40k, gathering storm gulliman and more stormcast this year. New 40k was primaris and deathguard, and the rest have been minigames like warhammer quest, shadowsphere, shadow wars and now necromunda. These (with the exception of necromunda) have been either repackages, or more models along the same lines. Rules wise its been a huge amount, with codexes every two weeks, but in terms of actual new model releases its been very light.

Hoping next year to see a decent set of new releases for existing collectors, but I am not holding my breath.

16-11-2017, 17:20
Ah, so I would see things as coming in various streams - so 40k, fantasy and the board games (and some half hearted hobbit stuff). So i would expect a timed schedule in those three streams, possibly alternating amongst them - so say 40k, fantasy, 40k, hobbit, 40k, board game, repeat. Having a mass coming out means if you have a particular interest you are overwealmed and bigger player bases feel a bit ignored.