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25-11-2017, 15:08
I want to use this post/ thread for building up the fluff of this planet/ regiment.
The actual building of the platoon I have in mind will be done in my regular thread.

Ulani, a green planet with endless steppes and grain fields, the locals live in relatively
small cities dotted around the countryside, but the population often gets rotated to
accomodate the need for workforce in the areas that need harvesting. So most of the
population is semi nomadic. Horses are often used but only recently were they added
to the roster for use in the military. Thanks to the efforts of Krieg Squadron Commanders
the Ulani were taught how to use their horses in anger. Even though their Rough Rider
squadrons are relatively young, they are quite experienced thanks to the constant training
provided by the Krieg. The Ulani have attained a similar outlook to warfare as the Krieg,
simply because they do not value the foot troops as valuable, and they have horses
in abundance. So the upper echelons of society relish the war that now rages on Ryza,
and with their new found military they eagerly assist all the regiments fighting the Orks.

The few Ulani armoured divisions that have been raised have learned similar tactics to
those of the esteemed Tallarn, fast movement and flanking tactics are favoured.
Most of the Armoured units have been deployed offensively both to oust sporadic Ork
invasion onto Ulani territory, and to Ryza to assist the war.
So far only small skirmishes have been happening on Ulani proper, as only small ships
with perhaps a few dozen Orks get through the Imperial naval blockade of Ryza.

Ulani Foot-Grenadiers,
They Ulani have cavalry, trained by Krieg Deathrider officers, yes, but for foot work,
they need Grenadiers on foot, hence the carbines, as those are traditionally a mounted
aka horse rifle. The horse bound Uhlans are heavily armoured cav.
Ulani society sees foot troops as an evil necessity, thus they use penals from the space
mines for this (Ulani the planet is a steppe, with loads of open space for grain and horses),
using extensively Arvus lighters to transport foodstuffs to the spaceport, and resources
from and to the mining facilities), in reality these foot troops get transported around in
said Arvus lighters.

The Ulani's on foot feel kinship with the famous Elysians, but they are not drop troops.
See their use of Arvus Lighters as bus transports, albeit flying busses.

Some of the Foot-Grenadiers have been employed onto a few of the space-stations
dotted in the asteroid belt, to quell a Genestealer uprising amoungst the miners guilds,
but the infestation has so far been contained to 3 of the largest stations, Arbites and
Foot-Grenadiers have kept them contained, but might soon meed marine assistance to
fully quell the problem.

That's actual fluff I mostly already had made for my Kriegan/ Ulani/ Rhyzan troops,
for my non Kriegan guard troops.
I intend to use some Victoria Mini's for a small platoon, and include also probably
the new beastman as an officer, and house Orlock gangers as another squad.

The mining facilities are extensive on the large asteroid belt that surrounds Ulani.
Gangs end up being pressganged into the Guard for security and suveillance.