View Full Version : New Users Not Receiving Welcome and Registration Emails - Fixed

Captain Brown
13-01-2018, 17:48
So the Mods are aware of this and we has asked the Admins to investigate.


Captain Brown

Captain Brown
16-02-2018, 17:27
So this has been resolved.

If you registered and never received an email to join, try to sign in and use the "forgot my password" and get your account going that way (prevents you losing your cool username you previously chose). You will get to surf the forums. Check to see if you can post in the Welcome Forum or any other...if you do not see the option to Start New Thread then send a PM to: Teh Real New Girl

She will get you sorted and set up to post.

New Members who joined after the recent fix will not require to do this as you will receive the joining email as a matter of course.

Hope that helps,


Teh Real New Girl
17-02-2018, 08:20
Thanks for posting this guide