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02-02-2018, 20:00
Before I get started, I just want to state the time I'm typing this thread up, I'm having a really crappy day. So I apologize in advance if I sound too harsh, but if you respond to this thread, don't be a douche about it. Anyway, on to the main reason: Squats are coming back to the 40k universe. GW has hyped them up in a pretty awesome teaser trailer. However, a lot of people seem to be forgetting that they're coming to NECROMUNDA NOT WARHAMMER: 40,000 (yet)! Now that's not to say it's good to see them back in updated models soon, but no where in that trailer did it say they're getting a full blown codex with brand new rules for 40k and the whole nine yards. Just a rules for Necromunda. Do I need to say it again? I know people are excited, and with good reason, but use your heads if you are a die hard Squats fan. I'm just tired hearing that they will get this huge line of models and they're gonna be the best thing for GW, or whatever they're implying. And please stop saying they're getting a codex this year because that's WAY too early to think that.

With all that said, I do hope in the future (again, probably won't be this year, other than Necromunda) that Squats get a proper 40k army. I'd like to see what exactly they would bring and what new fluff they'd get. It would be nice to see more armies that have been a part of the 40k lore getting proper treatments. Hrud would be cool, and maybe revive the Kroot army (I'd get into that). But until something comes out and says a codex is coming, let's not jump to any conclusions on any of that.

08-02-2018, 22:48
I think we're likely to see an incremental reintroduction of squats into the setting. If this guy sells well they might go for a full squat gang for necromunda with rules to use it as a choice in imperial armies.

Generally GW studio plans things 2-3 years in advance so if they waiting to see how he sells before they commit to a full army we will not see a squat army for several years.

Also, I'm not really sure how they can do the dwarf archetype in 40K without them all becoming mini-terminators/marine.

04-10-2020, 04:05
if my memory serves. they rejoined the imperium of man after some big fight. some factions stayed indepentant lore wise but I doubt we will see them as a full army of thier own again. more likely they will get a unit or two in the Imperial guard.

if you are a die hard Squat player. I would suggest building a IG army with them as your infantry. and lots of conversions.

on the flip side of this. if GW sees a huge love for the squat model and a surge in demand for them. Forge World could pump out so rules and models for them till the hit mainstream.

Thingol of Iyaden
04-10-2020, 12:02
Yes, It's a sales test alright. However I would like to see them on the 40K table. A long time ago played one game against squats, before I transferred overseas. Welcome a chance to do it again.

10-10-2020, 13:57
A player who is really good with conversions could make a squat army using fantasy dwarves and IG (or whatever they are called Now).
If ever i was going to build an IG army I would do it.

No it is not the same. but it be awesome to field. I agree it be more fun to see them reemerge from under the Imperial empire of man.

11-10-2020, 22:25
Ironically, the best codex to simulate Squats is Orks... but the figures can be based on fantasy dwarfs. The Gunhauler makes a good "deffcopta", the Gunstock Thunderers would make good "boyz", and so on.

Thingol of Iyaden
12-10-2020, 22:35
Should get their vehicles from epic!

10-11-2020, 02:05
Ironically, the best codex to simulate Squats is Orks... but the figures can be based on fantasy dwarfs. The Gunhauler makes a good "deffcopta", the Gunstock Thunderers would make good "boyz", and so on.

I could see this. It would be interesting to say the least. I might do it after I finish painting my tyranids.