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Teh Real New Girl
15-02-2018, 08:02
Hi all

First of all, sorry this post has been a while coming. There have been a raft of problems with the server and software behind the site that we've been trying very hard to fix over the last few weeks and it's been like the proverbial banging the head on the wall. Added to that a couple of family bereavements and working very long hours indeed has made things troublesome and we've been behind with the site changes we want to make. For transparency, we're not a big company etc, behind WarSeer, just a very small team of people who keep the site alive because we love WarSeer and the community and wanted to take it over after it died ... hence WarSeer Reborn.

All of you members are essential to keeping our community alive. Your feedback and comments are listened to and weighed carefully. We just have to find time in real life to be able to sort these issues out. Today we can announce that we've fixed some of those most troubling ones.

The emails that have not been going out from the site as well as the 'contact us' at the bottom of the forum page are now fixed. This should mean that new membership registrations should now be working as they should. If not, please post and let us know in the helpdesk:


There was an issue with empty forums that were implemented on the new site that just didn't get enough traffic and for now, unless there is demand (in which case do please tell us), they are turned off although the content still exists. This streamlines things and will direct traffic to busier forums where you will get more interaction. If you need to get hold of any of these threads let us know by messaging one of the Mod or Admin team or posting in the Helpdesk.

There have been several forum additions and some other reorganisation. Historicals is back as is 40K General Discussion and we've also added the forums for T9A. We've also added in General Discussion for The Old World as popularly requested. This is YOUR community and YOUR forum guys, so let us know always if you want to see changes and we will always listen to you and see if it's something that we can do.

There was never a cap on the number of photos that you can now upload to the site (well, there is but a very large one) but there was a cap of 60 photographs PER ALBUM. You can always create multiple albums to organise your images and this encouraged that. However, that cap has now been raised but be aware that sometimes it is easier to have numerous albums with less images as it's easier for people to browse. Also, do please add appropriate tags to your photos so people can find them when searching.

Please post below with any suggestions you have for the site or changes you wish to make.

There are a few new developments and forums being launched soon which we are very excited about and we hope you will be too. We hope that since the Photobucket fiasco, you are feeling confident in entrusting us with your photographs in the new album feature and we also hope that with no effective cap, this makes things easier for you.

Thanks again for being a part of this community. We hope WarSeer will continue to grow and be a place where you can share your passion for your hobby with like minded people.

And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to those who support the site by subscribing and becoming a member of the Guild. You are invaluable as there are significant running costs for WarSeer (including the server costs) which we have to pay for and every subscriber is invaluable in helping to literally fund the site. Thank you for those who decide to help in this way. You literally help to keep it running!

TRNG, Black Cherry and the team.

Colonel Jacka
15-02-2018, 09:46
:biggrin: On behalf of the other Guilders no worries happy to support you Techseers in keeping this site going. :) You do a fantastic job for which all members of the Warseer community are grateful. Please keep up the awesome work as it is appreciated no end.

Ta guys! :biggrin:

Teh Real New Girl
15-02-2018, 10:12
:biggrin: On behalf of the other Guilders no worries happy to support you Techseers in keeping this site going. :) You do a fantastic job for which all members of the Warseer community are grateful. Please keep up the awesome work as it is appreciated no end.

Ta guys! :biggrin:

Thanks Jacka! We just wanted you all to be in the picture and know how things are. A lot of sites are run by businesses or companies so we wanted to make clear WarSeer is not and that all support is appreciated.



15-02-2018, 13:02
So does this mean that we guilders also can post pics, now ? Ive been trying for ages and have had no luck. ill give it a new try thia weekend. Thumbs up for all your hard work, highly appreciated.

Teh Real New Girl
15-02-2018, 13:10
Yes you should be able to. Can't wait to see your pics. If there's a problem pm me but it should be fine. Sorry for your wait and thank you for persevering

19-02-2018, 08:16
Thanks for the return of the historical gaming section.

Also, I noticed that Warhammer: The Old World Tactics board has been added, but is currently empty. There is also Age of Sigmar Tactics board, where over 99 % of the threads are actually about WHFB 6th/7th/8th edition. Thus, in case somebody has time, I would like to suggest moving all of the threads from the Age of Sigmar Tactics that have been started before 1st of July 2015 to Warhamemr: The Old World Tactics.

Teh Real New Girl
19-02-2018, 11:11
Thanks for your feedback. Happy to move these threads. If you see any other threads in particular that want moving please let one of the team know.

And you're welcome... we regret it took such a long time but there have been a lot of logistical problems on the back end to sort first.


Enjoy your forums.

Teh Real New Girl
19-02-2018, 19:53
The guilder photo thing is fixed please check :)