View Full Version : Black Library Celebration 2018 (small anthology)

Inquisitor Samos
28-02-2018, 03:51
This is a collection of six short stories; it was given away to those who joined in on the Black Library Celebration 2018 on Saturday, Feb. 24th. The included short stories (all previously released as eShorts) are:

The Absolution of Swords - John French (40K)
A Trick of the Light - Josh Reynolds (40K)
Bear Eater - David Guymer (AoS)
Pantheon - Guy Haley (Aos)
The Last Son of Prospero - Chris Wraight (Horus Heresy)
Into Exile - Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Horus Heresy)

This is a pretty good collection, well-selected, definitely worth having in my opinion (if you don't already have all of them as eShorts)! I'd be happy to discuss any/all of them in more detail, if anyone would like to join in!

07-03-2018, 20:27
Please do dude. I didn't realise there had been so many Eisenhorn shorts over the years.

What was your favourite one?