View Full Version : Deus Vult and Warband...opinions?

03-03-2018, 06:46
Is anyone out there familiar with Pendraken miniatures and the ruleset Warband?

Really curious about the the miniatures from Fireforge and the game Deus Vult. Also it seems like the miniatures would make a great army for the factions Kingodms of Men or The Brotherhood from Kings of War. How are the miniatures? How is the ruleset?

05-03-2018, 15:09
I have probably seen a number of Pendraken miniatures in the past, but do not have any experience with buying or painting them - working with 10 mm models does not really fit with my methods. However, I have never previously heard of the rules.

Fireforge games miniatures seem to have a decent following, and there should be a good number of reviews of them online. So far, I have avoided them since I find their weapons looking a bit too large for historical purposes - though if you are planning on using htem for fantasy gaming this is probably not an issue.

Teh Real New Girl
06-03-2018, 19:48
I've seen the Pendraken minis up close (a couple of them) and for the scale the quality and detail seemed pretty good. I've had a few 6mm and 10mm minis through my hands over the years but I'm more of a painter and found the tiny scale pretty difficult to do to a standard I was pleased with.