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14-03-2018, 18:58
It's actually getting harder to get any more solid information from just word of mouth nowadays. I think GW has done a good job at keeping us informed on what's coming. The only things that have been solid are pics of actual units, codices, and board games. This new rumor of Angron, new Khorne units, and a possible Kroot codex, at this point sounds a little far fetched, at this point in time, until we get some confirmation. But I wouldn't mind taking a crack at what could happen this year, or the next, with this stuff.

Angron and new Khorne Units - I said before in previous threads that some sub armies in codices like Vanilla SM and CSM will eventually get their own books eventually. That's the thought anyway. Let's focus on CSM for a moment. You have 2 armies that will more than likely be pulled out: World Eaters and Emperor's Children. Since Deathguard and Thousand Sons have their own books, it would only make sense to have WE and EC to have theirs as well, with their Primarchs. WE would be easy because their about breaking stuff with their bare hands, and they're easily one of the most (if not, THE most) memorable CSM armies out their. So doing them would be a good choice on GW's end. Plus, with how well Primarchs sell, an Angron model would blow up their site. Of course, throwing in a couple of new Khorne models (probably more accurately, WE units), you can bet CSM would be red hot for a long while.

Kroot Codex - This would awesome if it's true. It would also make sense too if this happened, from a story perspective, based on what was put out there. I don't know yet, but some of the leaked photos of some blurbs from White Dwarf (or the codex itself, I forget), there could be some fall out with Tau and Kroot. We won't know until we get codex in hand to actually know, but the thought of something along the lines of a Genestealer Cult size codex sounds appetizing and sweet. The fact an army like GC came back, or even AdMech finally made it, gives hope to some people out there that love smaller armies. If they do, I'd say be prepared for some Gnarloc action (and hopefully some stuff from the Chapter Approved of old). Time will tell soon enough.

Bonus - Leman Russ was also mentioned in these rumors, although it was as profound a rumor as these other ones (which I get, but don't get because he is THE Primarch of the Space Wolves). With already 2 Traitor Primarchs, and talks of a potential third, I wouldn't see why a Loyalist Primarch or 2 couldn't make the cut. Guilliman is back, but I think, in many ways, having the return of Russ with a new model would give people, namely SW players, something to be excited about. Could you imagine if along side Russ they'd also release Lion El'Jonson? It might be something else to look forward to. From the story perspective, it would make sense for these guys to come back because even with the Primaris SM, the Imperium still need leaders as inspiring as Guilliman because not everyone is impressed by him (especially the SW).

Now, to wrap this up, I will bet ALL of this will more than likely happen after ALL armies are given a codex treatment. The indexes were simply put into use so people can start playing. This round of codices, I'm predicting, were/are being established so everyone is in their own book, with all the rules for the sub armies, but no new units for the existing armies (except for the induction of Primaris for all SM armies, new units for both Deathguard and Thousand Sons, and the Armigar Warglaives for Imperial Knights). As soon as the next round comes up, I would say expect some of this to happen. More so with what might happen with World Eaters and Russ. I'm still wary on the Kroot Codex bit because that has been discussed so many years now, but hopefully it'll become a reality.

19-03-2018, 18:44
I really really hope world eaters get a codex eventually, but i'm assuming it wont be til next year. I play WE and khorne daemons and it definitely feels like we're missing something - +1a is a bit uninspired really, and i do miss the daemonkin book blood tithe. If angron does appear, i would expect the book to be a mix of WE and daemons, as that would fit the fluff.

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