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19-03-2018, 09:43
HI All,

GW won't consider taking the Studio Ork army to Adepticon, as they don't have 4k points.

Dakka has a thread suggesting all Ork players send an Ork model to bolster the army:


Please consider their request.

Lord Damocles
19-03-2018, 11:13
If GW aren't going to take their own Ork army, they're certainly not going to take an army made out of a hodge-podge of models/units and no coherent colour scheme.

It's blatantly obvious that the reason they're not considering Orks is that they want to take one of the newer armies which has a proper Codex.

It's also blatantly obvious that GW are lying about not being able to scrape together 4000pts worth of Orks - which is bad, or course - but GW lying, or at least being intentionally misleading, is nothing new. Old GW lied. New GW™ lie.

Rather than sending GW models (seems kind of counter-productive to effectively give GW extra cash because of their dishonesty...) it would be more productive to press for an explanation of the claim that they don't have sufficient points available and/or demand an apology for the bare-faced lie on social media.

20-03-2018, 09:31
So, that would be a 'no', then?

Any other takers?

Little Joe
20-03-2018, 10:02
The dakkadakka link does not work. Google won't show me a link, what happened to this idea?

I like Orcs, I would have an Ork to send and would consider it if this was a proper reaction to GW. The new GW is no better than the old, well, maybe a tiny bit better organized. Just sending them stuff does nothing, GW reportedly dumps old displays in the garbage bin.

At the core I think this is a good idea, just very hard to pull off as a group. If it can be done, then only greenskins can do it.

So a few questions:
1) Did anyone add up the points from the last codex where there is for sure a large double page image?
2) Is there a general letter to send with the miniature, what is the message?
3) What measures are in place to keep this fun and orky?

Lord Damocles is right though. GW don't care, the only thing they care about (and should care about at the core) is your money. The only reason I would support this is to see the "new" GW reaction.

EDIT: found the thread. It is very orky ... :D

22-03-2018, 09:14
I certainly remember the Ork army in the first apocalypse book being 4000 points or more. It had 2 stompas (conversions, so maybe they got rid). I am hoping that Orks will be the first Xenos to recieve new models (with the exception of characters) in two years. I believe the last Xenos kits were either the stormsurge or the last wave of tyranid big beasts and to be honest, all the ranges (Xenos) could do with some invigorating beyond the odd character release.

Lord Damocles
22-03-2018, 19:10
The studio army in the 7th edition Codex: Orks features four different Stompas, so that's most of a 4000 point army right there. They're certainly not lacking for points-worth of models.

Little Joe
23-03-2018, 14:06
Then would it not be better and easier to have all Ork players send a mail to the same person. Someone where it matters, bomb him with army shots and a text akin to "Waaaaghhhhh!!!", "Where is da moshing and crushing?"

EDIT: not that it matters, any WHFB player can attest to that.