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Oogie boogie boss
06-04-2018, 14:07
Hi All,

For the last year or so Iíve been (very) slowly working my way through painting up a Blood Angels army from a stockpile of models.

However bring alpha strike death to the Emperorís enemies, whilst good fun, is getting a bit one-dimensional, and Iím casting my gaze to future projects. I feel the urge to try something with more dakka, but which is a bit different from the Tau, Guard and Nid armies I usually face.

Iíd toyed with the idea of Necrons, but the models and fluff for Ad Mech has swayed me instead.

So, never having played/played against them before, Iím wondering if anyone has any advice to starting an army?

Iíve put together a rough list on BattleScribe, consisting of the below, but any input would be appreciated:

1 x Dominus with Axe of the Omissiah and Volkite Blaster
2 x Enginseers

2 x 10-strong Ranger Squads with two Arquebusí
1 x 10-strong Vanguard Squad with two plasma calivers
1 x 2-strong Kataphron Destroyers Squad with phosphor blasters and plasma culverins
1 x 2-strong Kastellan Squad with Heavy Phosphor Blasters

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Oogie boogie boss
10-04-2018, 11:57
So I've had another look at the list and I think I'm going to ditch the Vanguard squad and go for a 5 x Kataphron Destroyer squad. More plasma seems like a better bet against the sort of armies I come up against, plus the Destroyers seem like they're likely to be a target priority, so will need to be beefier.

As for Forgeworlds, I'm liking Stygies VIII due to the -1 to hit; this will frustrate my Guard and Tau opponents, and even my 'Nid opponent who always takes a lot of Heavy Venom Cannons.

10-04-2018, 15:53
Paint atleast the bases different for what world they're from, less for you, more the opponent.