View Full Version : New 40k - Any good for small Combat Patrol games? (500pts)

Lost Egg
03-05-2018, 07:10
So as the title asks, is the new edition of 40k any good for small Combat Patrol sized games of around 500pts? If not what size would you say is best for a small game?

Cheers all

3 0f 6
09-12-2018, 16:43
From what I understand of the 'collect 40k boxes these are all 500-ish points, although some look a little overpowered when you compare the content.

I would hope, that 40k is still playable at low points. I did like the olé 400pt armies with restrictions for forces lifted- 40k in 40mins was it called?

I do like to play 2000-3000pts, but it is nice to play something udner 1500 occasionally too, make you think more and gives you a chance to try out how specific units perform better, since that is all you have to use.

Lost Egg
10-12-2018, 07:04
Aye, I loved the 40k in 40mins games...in fact I preferred them to regular 40k, you felt the loss of every model and you could fit a couple of games in of an evening.

Kill Team doesn't quite scratch that itch as no vehicles.

Captain Brown
18-12-2018, 20:40
My group has played small games. HQ and two troop choices with their associated transports. Makes for a quick game and we us FPs to make for quick army list building.



Lost Egg
19-12-2018, 05:39
Thanks CB. I had thought of using the Patrol organisation chart so the only requirements are one HQ and one Troops...I think.

20-12-2018, 03:20
any game of 40k can be fun provided you use terrain and missions to let it be fun.....open field combat with Napoleon shoot lines are what is boring.