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Easy E
23-05-2018, 00:45
Greetings fellow historical players.

I am trying to find some good sources on the Sicillian Wars between the Greeks, Cathaginians, and Sicillians between 480 to 307 BCE.

Primarily I am interested in good secondary sources, as I am familiar with Diodorus Siculus work on the subject. However, I am more interested in understanding the make-up and composition of a Sicillian army. The Greeks evolved a lot in their military preferences as did the Carthaginians. However, I am not having much luck with the military structures of the ancient Sicillians.

I could assume they mirrored other Greek colonies in Magna-Graecia, but I want to know a bit more before running forward with that idea.

Thanks for your help!

Here is a the wiki if that helps you understand the era and information I am looking for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicilian_Wars

Lars Porsenna
23-05-2018, 16:21
I was always under the impression that the native Sicilians were sort of generic Italian Hill Tribe with Greek influences.


Easy E
24-10-2018, 15:50
I was reading up on the BATTLE OF Hamilcar and after the Carthaginian defeat by the Syracusan tyrant Gelon, the Carthaginians adopted the hoplite system. Sounds like the Sicilians used that model too fit a while.

29-10-2018, 17:43
Although I really can't help with actual sources, would not the general trend of conservative rural communities continuing with traditional means whereas the urban communities adopting recent methods? Ie: the Sicilian forces would contain a mix of warriors equipped as hill tribes and warriors equipped as the standard of the day, that is, hoplites?