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Easy E
16-07-2018, 14:14
Review: Outremer: Faith and Blood- Osprey Games


The Crusades seem to have been gaining in popularity in the wargaming circuit in the last half decade. Games like Dues Vult, Soldiers of God, Saga: Crescent and Cross, and LionRampant have fueled this surge of interest with gamers. In addition, a number of interesting model lines have also been released. Plus, the Crusades themselves have a pretty intriguing and interesting history of their own to draw in players.

Outremer: Faith and Blood is set during the Crusades. It is the most recent addition to the Osprey Games blue covered Wargame Series. Unlike some of the other Crusade-era games, Outremer is designed for small scale, model vs. model skirmish action. Each side is between 3 and 12 models. In addition to be a small scale skirmish, the focus of the game is campaign play. This type of game is right up my alley and I look forward to digging in closer to the rules. We will follow my normal four steps of Things I like, Things I do NOT like, Meh and other uncertainties, and Final Thoughts as we proceed.

Dues Vult!


30-12-2018, 06:46
Tanks for the review Easy E. I enjoyed reading the post to see what you thought of the game. I hope you don’t mind, but below is a link to my review of the same game. I absolutely agree with you that of the Osprey Blue Books, Outremer has the best campaign system.