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Commissar Goddard
09-11-2018, 16:35
So it's been a while since we've really had anything drop for the Heresy so today was a nice surprise.

First up we have the Proteus Pattern Land Speeder which comes as two kits, one with a 40k loadout


and the second which includes some lovely Volkite.

With the only differences being weapon loadouts. The kit contains 43 parts.

The other half of today's releases is two new Alpharius models in the form of a Praetor in Artificer Armour and another in Cataphractii plate.





Commissar Goddard
30-11-2018, 12:00

And we're back with another Heresy release this week.

With a biggest specific Legion drop for a while with the Blood Angels arriving on the scene.

First up being the first Legion specific Leviathan.



The Legion specific Contemptor looking just as lovely.



Following the dreads is the two previewed Praetors for the Legion

First up the Praetor in Terminator armour.




And the Artificer armoured version which I may have to liberate for my Emperor's Children.





Commissar Goddard
30-11-2018, 12:04
And for some reason the other two releases are shown above.. 30/11/18 continued.

We also saw the release of another two Consul choices in the way of the Legion Praevian




And the Vigilator




Commissar Goddard
21-01-2019, 21:05
So today we get a first look at some of the releases available at the Horus Heresy Weekender.

https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/01/21/new-horus-heresy-models-revealed/?fbclid=IwAR1QEcb1gX0wtU5RVlavVnORw9RS8G2Z9tlMFTCw I5ASTYKesM3ho1GSxIo

First up we have some new Night Lord goodies in the forms of two Praetors and a Legion Leviathan.




Followed by our first look at a unit for the Blood Angels. The Crimson Paladins.


The Ordinatus Aktaeus pops up to round off our sneak peak


Lord Damocles
21-01-2019, 21:13
The proportions on the Blood Angel Terminators look... interesting :wtf:

What's happening with the hand of the Night Lord Terminator Praetor - it looks like there's just a black void between the thumb and whatever the silver plate on the back of the hand is supposed to be?

Commissar Goddard
21-01-2019, 21:29
I think it's possibly the shoulders, though the waist and legs seem off. But they seem to be at an angle, hopefully other shots will help with that.

Oh wow, didn't actually notice that on the Night Lord. Think the silver plate is supposed to be the trigger for the mounted Volkite. but yeah, it looks like they didn't sculpt it as a fist. Could possibly have been holding the Volkite originally maybe?

Commissar Goddard
24-01-2019, 22:28

Today we get a look at a new Custodes unit due to the website accidentally revealing them in the banner :)



Not sure what I think of them to be honest. Hopefully we'll get some better angles soon. Depending on the jump packs and wings I forsee lots of fancy Blood Angels.

Commissar Goddard
28-01-2019, 13:57

Warhammer Community dropping a major release on us today.

Sanguinius has arrived!


An interesting part from the text.

Like other Primarchs, Sanguinius will be available as part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. However, unlike his brothers, there will be two versions available. The already impressive Character Series version (above), and a special edition of the model that features an extraordinary display base. Both versions will be available to buy at the Horus Heresy Weekender first. A little while later, the special edition will be available online for a limited time, and at future shows, meaning everyone has a chance to get their hands on one. The Character Series version will join the other Primarchs on the Forge World website soon.

Thoughts on a second, limited edition version?

https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/01/28/28th-jan-sanguinius-the-model-revealedfw-homepage-post-1/?fbclid=IwAR0AmcPaS0U_HGa3GK0UzkPBSJ6Ha0E0da39yV6G 4-LxHxO01QRYlS55mMc

Lord Damocles
28-01-2019, 16:52
I mean, people were saying that the enormous resin display bases were excessive, so Forgeworld made one a special edition. Well played..?

I'm not sure about the model - the hair, cloak, and leather straps seem to be flying in different directions. He's diving down, but his feet seem to be positioned as if he's rising up.

Commissar Goddard
28-01-2019, 18:56
I like to think it's to stop Sanguinius costing a small fortune, but it's a Primarch. So it was always going to have a high pricetag. But, I do wonder how large this display base is going to be. I hope it'll be a downed Bloodthirster. And dreading it just being a larger rock with a Pillar.

The straps should be separate so hopefully they can be re positioned. I'm hoping the other issues will lessen with some better shots. Though I am wondering what and where connects to the rock.

Commissar Goddard
08-02-2019, 14:30

Today sees the release of Hvarl Red-Blade, Jarl of the Fourth Great Company.



Seeing him in the bare resin improves the model. Though for me, I'm still not fond of it.

Next up we see a unit that was revealed at the Horus Heresy Weekender.

The Space Wolves Legion Deathsworn Pack



We also get the option of buying them together in a bundle

I don't mind the Deathsworn, but overall I'm not too fussed this week as I'm not a Space Wolf fan. I do think it'll be interesting on how many people purchase the Deathsworn for conversions in both 40, and 30k.

Lord Damocles
08-02-2019, 16:40
Stasis grenades shaped like sand glasses is a bit on the nose.

I'm not sure about the 'running' poses of the Deathsworn, but the helmets are pretty cool.

How the Deathsworn and fat Terminator guy can be part of the same range boggles my mind.

Commissar Goddard
15-02-2019, 20:31

Another Heresy release from ForgeWorld this week with some goodies for one of my armies.

First up is the Power armoured Praetor


The much nicer Tartaros clad Praetor


And the Night Lord based Leviathan to finish the model release.


An extra bonus in the Night Lords dice being released this week as well.


I plan to pick them all up eventually. but had to grab the dice and Tart Praetor first thing.
Leviathan is okay, just wondering what's behind the torso, if it's easy to remove or will leave a hole. The power armoured version though is the worse of the bunch for me, not overly fond of the head or the giant Legion symbol on the chest.
Dice wise I had to grab some, hopefully they're here to stay and not vanish after the first batch is sold.

Commissar Goddard
11-03-2019, 13:23

While not a release today the community site gives us Sanguinius, true we've already seen him.


But, we also get his rules in another link, I'm unsure if we've already seen them, or just what people could remember taking a quick glance at the book.