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Lord Damocles
30-11-2018, 22:07
I've been thinking about how the narrative from the tail end of 7th, and 8th edition so far, could have been done slightly differently - perhaps in a way which makes slightly more sense narratively?

(I obviously have nothing better to do with my time)

So I thought that I might as well leave this here...

Part 1


The arrival of Battlefleets Solar and Gothic has turned the tide against Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade.
Warp storm Baphomael is waning, allowing for freer movement of fleets between warzones and the relief of besieged worlds throughout the Cadian Gate.
If the war continues an Imperial victory seems all but certain, and the Chaos hoards will be driven back into the Eye once again.

In a last desperate attempt to break the Imperial defences, Abaddon gathers every ship remaining under his command and strikes directly at Cadia. If the planet cannot be taken and held, it will be scoured clean.

Led by the Planet Killer and the Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity, the Chaos fleet drops out of the warp well within the Cadia system, bypassing the bulk of the Imperial fleet guarding the systems edge, and makes directly for the fortress world.
The Imperial fleet in high orbit is able to divert the Planet Killer, but the Blackstone and attendant escorts force their way through the Imperial lines and begin relentlessly bombarding the planet below.

In the ruins of the recently retaken Kasr Partox, Castellan Creed orders that there will be no retreat – no evacuation - the Cadians will stand against this new assault or they will die; but they will not break.

COHERIA, moon of Port Demesnus

Farseers Eldrad Ulthran and Q’sandria are conducting a ritual to bring about the birth of a god.

His soul having been rescued from the Will of Eternity by use of his remaining waystones, Eldrad has divined that now is the only opportunity to bring forth Ynnead. In his time trapped as a soul outside of a body he witnessed the nascent god stirring in the warp. His Craftworld peers have dismissed his visions and declared his efforts to be dangerously analogous to the Fall, but he has found allies amongst the Harlequins.

However the arrival of a Deathwatch strike force interrupts the ritual at the crucial moment.
The godling lacks the required soul energy to be fully formed and will dissipate within the warp if unable to drain the Cratworld infinity circuits as Eldrad had planned.

With his allies dying around him, in an act of frantic self sacrifice Eldrad steps into the conflux of energy at the heart of the ritual, allowing himself to be consumed by Ynnead. Part of the Farseer’s soul is still bound to the Blackstone Fortress, which in turn is possessed by a daemon of Slaanesh; Slaanesh is formed in large part by Eldar souls, and Eldrad’s death allows the young Eldar god to gorge on this energy and rise as a fully formed – if weak – warp entity.


The Will of Eternity dies, whatever force is controlling it is snuffed out in an instant. However the cheers of the Imperial commanders turn to cries of dismay as the vast bulk of the Fortress plummets towards the surface of Cadia. Too large and well defended, even when inert, for the Imperial ships to force it from its path, the star fortress plunges into Cadia’s atmosphere like a falling star and upon impact with the surface erupts in a cataclysmic blast of warp energy which eradicates most of the planet’s northern hemisphere in an instant.

Worse still, the tidal wave of unleashed warp energy overpowers those Cadian pylons which aren’t destroyed by the initial blast, tearing apart dozens of the structures and reducing many more to crumbling ruins.
With the pylons no longer able to maintain and project the geller-like field holding the corridor of realspace of the Cadian gate open, the Eye of Terror expands, engulfing whole worlds, fleets of ships, and countless billions of souls.

Across the entire galaxy astropathic choirs receive visions of terror and damnation, of the rise and thirst of hungry gods; and psykers witness in with their warp-sight the convulsion of the Occulus Terriblis. Within the warp ships are thrown off course, and the intradimensional tunnels of the webway shudder as they are buffeted by warpquakes.

All life is wiped from the surface of Cadia by the roiling warp energies, leaving a shattered world stripped to the bedrock.

Several months later...

As the initial shockwave of the expansion of the Eye dies down, it becomes clear that it hasn’t expanded as much as shifted – the passage through the empyrean formally centred on Cadia is now focused upon Hydra Cortdatus and the Sentinel Worlds.

In the following decades, Imperial long range augers and null probes would identify the Necron structures across the surfaces of the Sentinel Worlds as the source of this apparent good fortune, but would also reveal the presence of a number of massive Necron fleets orbiting the worlds of the system.

All contact with Hydra Cordatus is lost, along with, it must be presumed, the precious Astartes gene-seed banks held in stasis vaults below its surface.

Outskirts, EYE OF TERROR

With the Imperial forces defending the Cadian Gate either destroyed or sent reeling, and myriad new paths out of the Eye of Terror opened to them, Chaos forces spew into Imperial space.

Sensing that finally his time has come, Abaddon sends orders to his vassals still within the Eye and takes his handful of remaining ships to strike at the Imperium’s underbelly. Securing the support of the daemon prince Mortarion and his Death Guard legionaries, he sets course for Ultramar via the Maelstrom.

Magnus the Red leads his legion directly to Fenris, with old scores to settle while the Space Wolves are deployed in full Chapter strength to the space surrounding the Eye.

Khorne, against the advice of his brother gods elects for a more direct approach to bringing about the ruination of the Imperium, and bends his will to assaulting the Throneworld head on.

Webway spar, outskirts of COMMORRAH

Yvraine, newly chosen prophet of Ynnead, has barely escaped from the Dark City with her life, with visions from her whispering god of five Croneswords which she must recover.

As she traverses the webway she is pursued by a Drukhari war party keen to claim her head. However a band of Craftworlders who have been scattered from their intended destination by a shattering of the tunnels along their intended route come to her aid. During the ensuing skirmish the Craftworlders’ leader, a Medshad Korum exarch, is killed. Yvraine uses the souls of those others slain in the battle to revive him, and he takes on the role of her protector and title of Visarch.

Together with her new band of followers Yvraine and the Visarch set off to return to their Craftworld, and from there to pursue the Croneswords.


Magnus and the Thousand Sons reach the Fenris system before the badly under strength Space Wolves can catch up to them.
By the time the Space Wolves and a fleet of ships from the Dark Angels and Grey Knights arrive in then system, their recruiting worlds are already aflame. The Wolves make immediate planetfall on Fenris, but it is clear to Grand Master Azrael and Brother Captain Stern that the outer worlds are lost and so they begin a campaign of exterminatus throughout the system.

The Space Wolves are incensed by this course of action, but with only a few hundred Marines remaining, and reliant upon their allies to secure Fenris against the traitor forces they are forced to relent to the destruction of their homeworlds.

Following the deployment of the Grey Knights Magnus departs the system along with the bulk of his Astartes and Rubrics, leaving hoards of cultists, beastmen, and daemons to tie up and confound the Imperial Forces, confident that the Space Wolves Chapter has been doomed to a slow death.


Khornate daemon legions assault the Lions Gate.
They are driven back and ultimately defeated by the combined forces of the Adeptus Custodes and a convent of Sisters of Silence which has been secretly stationed in a spire convent on Luna since the War of the Beast.

The attack reveals the presence of cults worshipping the ruinous powers infesting even the hive sprawls of Terra, within sight of the Imperial Palace, as well as the need for more to be done to combat such threats – no longer can the Custodes defend the Emperor from Terra alone.

At a meeting of the High Lords ancient acts of the Lex Imperialis are repealed, and the Custodes are released from Terra.
Recognising that they were always intended to act as only half of the Talons of the Emperor, the Adepta Astra Telepathica is charged with reforming the Psykana Anathemae and establishing convents of Sisters of Silence on worlds across the Imperium.

Captain-General Trajan Valoris sets out with a force of Custodes to the realm of Ultramar.

Lord Damocles
05-12-2018, 21:18
Part 2


Raging from defeat at Terra, Khorne turns his attentions to Armageddon.
Ripples in the warp from the shifting of the Eye of Terror have re-activated Angron’s Monument in the equatorial jungles, and reality is shattered apart as legions of daemons swarm into realspace.
Imperial and remaining Ork forces are forced to cease hostilities against one another, and at times even fight side by side to avoid destruction as Armageddon is plunged back into total war.


Following their catastrophic losses during the Second Battle of Mu’Gulath Bay, the Tau Empire is sent reeling.

The Ethereal high council immediately orders the replacement of the third sphere expansion’s losses and a counter assault along the Empire’s borders beyond the Damocles Gulf.
To the high commanders of the Fire Caste however, the cost of the pyrrhic victory at Agrellan has laid bare the precariousness of their overall strategic position: The humans appear to have almost unlimited resources – defeats and material losses which would cripple an entire Sept are simply swallowed by the Imperial war machine with horrifying regularity; Tyranid splinter fleets press at the Empire’s borders, draining resources and manpower for no strategic gain on the Tau’s part; Orks attack incessantly; entire populations of client races reveal themselves to be harbouring horrific mutations and part-alien cults; and convincing evidence has recently been presented suggesting that the Kroot have been fighting alongside races other than the Tau, in flagrant breach of the treaties which bind the two races together, since their very earliest diplomatic relations.

In light of the clear reliance of the Tau Empire on the Fire Caste over the other Castes in order for it to continue existing, a council of Shas’el led by Shas’el T’au O’Name place increasing pressure upon the Ethereals, exerting steadily more influence over them by threat of withdrawing or redeploying military power from the Empire’s borders and many warzones. The Ethereals find themselves too few in number and too reliant upon the Fire Caste to be able to resist this soft military coup.

So begins the primacy of the Fire Caste and the T’au Sept assuming a position of first amongst equals.


Abaddon’s fleet enters the Maelstrom and is confronted by Huron Blackheart and his Red Corsairs.
As Huron demands to know why the Black Legion are trespassing in his territory, Abaddon boards Huron’s flagship and along with his elite chosen, proceed to slaughter Huron’s bodyguard. Abaddon himself bests the Tyrant of Badab in single combat and forces Huron to kneel and submit to him.
The Red Corsairs and their fleet will serve The Despoiler.

Some time later...

Abaddon and Mortarian attack Ultramar, catching the Imperial defenders by surprise. The Ultramarines and their local successor chapters counter attack, and the war spreads throughout the five hundred worlds.

Imperial control is failing as plagues spread like wildfire before the Chaos forces. However the loyalists are rallied by the appearance of a Living Saint and a counter-crusade forms against the attackers, but is still unable to swing the battle against the attackers.

Captain-General Valoris arrives at Macragge and with Chapter Master Calgar begins planning for the seemingly inevitable siege of the Ultramarine’s homeworld.

Yvraine and her Ynnari warhost arrive in Ultramar, having recovered three of the Croneswords, summoned the Yncarne, and gathered Craftworld followers in the process. In order to recover the fourth sword Yvraine needs knowledge possessed only by Guilliman.

The Eldar make contact with the Custodian commander, and Yvraine is able to convince Valoris that they can be of mutual benefit to one another. Yvraine will revive Guilliman, who will then give her the information she needs to recover the fourth Cronesword. Calgar is thoroughly against the plan, but is overruled by the Custodian.

Yvraine and the Visarch are escorted to the Shrine of the Primarch under heavy guard as a Chaos fleet begins to attack the planet. Everyone is concentrating on the Eldar as Yvraine revives the Primarch, but just as he is waking up Dreadclaw assault pods crash down, and amongst the hoards of shrine pilgrims outside the building Slaaneshi daemons reveal themselves. Amongst the chaos the Visarch saves Yvraine from being killed, but she is unable to get the information she needs from Guilliman.
The Ultramarines and Custodes fend off the Chaos assault, and Guilliman provides a strategy to defeat the attacking fleet.

Once all of the commotion has died down, Guilliman is in his quarters talking with Calgar and Valoris and asks about what happened with the Primaris project. They have no idea what he is talking about.
Guilliman explains that before he was mortally wounded he had been secretly working on a project to stabilise defective strains of Astartes gene-seed and develop new wargear. He left notes and everything. Calgar explains that nobody has been through Guilliman’s personal effects because they’re regarded as holy relics.
Having secured Macragge, Guilliman and Valoris set off to recover his work.


Guilliman and the Custodes travel to the hidden Adeptus Biologis facility which was working on the Primarch’s gene-seed research. They find the base long deserted, with no obvious signs of conflict. Where the Adepts and the fruits of their research have gone is a mystery.

As they depart the facility, Yvraine emerges from a webway portal and confronts the humans. Guilliman refuses to give her the information she wants because she’s a foul xenos and he never made any deal with her. Valoris states that he has upheld his end of their bargain, and Yvraine’s failure to secure the information during their last meeting is her fault alone. The situation rapidly deteriorates until the two forces come to blows. The Eldar are forced to retreat back into the webway – they will need to discover the location of the next Cronesword by other means.

Leaving Calgar to continue the war in Ultramar following the Primarch’s strategies, Guilliman and Valoris depart for the Sol System.

Some time later...

After some Odyssey-ish adventures Guilliman’s fleet arrives at Terra. Word of his return has reached the Throneworld ahead of him, and he is greeted with a vast triumph in his honour.
He is installed as Lord Regent of the Imperium – a move which creates consternation amongst some of the High Lords who see their power threatened – and has an audience with the Emperor. Upon leaving the throneroom he takes up the Emperor’s sword.

On the red planet Guilliman investigates what happened to the second strain of his Primaris project – Without his direct approval new designs of power armour have been laying idle for thousands of years. With his arrival the new Mk.IX Primaris and Mk.X Gravis armours begin rolling off the Martian production lines.

Seeing the need to reinforce the Astartes across the Imperium, Guilliman declares the Ultima Founding – blood games are held across Terra, drawing from native Terrans and the pilgrim hoards who have flocked to tread the same earth as a Primarch reborn. Equiped with the new armour marks, new Chapters are founded and sent out into the galaxy, and whole companies worths of Marines are sent as reinforcements to existing and embattled Chapters.
While some of these Ultima Marines are accepted gratefully to bolster the depleted rosters of Chapters, many Chapters accept them only grudgingly, seeing Guilliman’s unilateral decision to use their gene-stock with non-natives of their Chapters worlds as tantamount to insult. Rumours also begin to swirl that changes may have been made to gene-seed seen as aberrant or damaged without the controlling Chapters’ consent.

Guilliman soon departs Terra at the head of the largest crusade fleet gathered since the days of the Great Crusade - leaving the day to day administration of the Imperium to the High Lords again.


17-12-2018, 02:25
Nothing bad but usually im wary of this "Let me do better than canon" because it commit the same mistake in some part, let see:

With his allies dying around him, in an act of frantic self sacrifice Eldrad steps into the conflux of energy at the heart of the ritual, allowing himself to be consumed by Ynnead..

I dont like this, whil Eldrad sacrifice was nice and all, he is pretty much the no oficial leader of the eldar right now, and killing him would be a waste.

So begins the primacy of the Fire Caste and the T’au Sept assuming a position of first amongst equals.

....WHY? it feel just sort of.....there, the idea of a god of greater good being form and the implication in canon sound more than just a soft military coup.

As they depart the facility, Yvraine emerges from a webway portal and confronts the humans. Guilliman refuses to give her the information she wants because she’s a foul xenos and he never made any deal with her. Valoris states that he has upheld his end of their bargain, and Yvraine’s failure to secure the information during their last meeting is her fault alone. The situation rapidly deteriorates until the two forces come to blows. The Eldar are forced to retreat back into the webway – they will need to discover the location of the next Cronesword by other means.

Gods no.

It dosent really make sense in this case, it feel the old grimdark "alies cant be alies because grimdark dammit" and it make Guillman really look like a bastard by deciding he dont deal with xenos, not matter they bring him back to life, also Guillman istn so unresonable.