View Full Version : Which Game Workshop store is (or was) this?

20-01-2019, 19:02

I remember playing my first game of Warhammer Quest here but I have no idea which store it is. It was a really huge game using at least two sets of tiles and there was a ‘good’ party and a party of Chaos Warriors competing against each other. I took down my Brettonian Knight which I had just painted up and my friend took his Elf Ranger. I just came across this picture and it sparked my memory but I can’t find out which store it is. Does anyone happen to know?

Lord Damocles
21-01-2019, 18:53

A cropped version of the image is used on the Yelp page for the Cardiff store, at least.

21-01-2019, 19:16
No, I think they’ve just used that as a stock image. If you google the Cardiff store it looks completely different. Also I’m fairly sure I’ve never been to Cardiff. Thanks for trying though!

21-01-2019, 19:52
Well there's one with a storefront like that in Montreal and one in Pleasanton, California but I take you mean in the UK? Looks like it's in a mall maybe Bolton?

29-04-2019, 23:01
Looks a lot like the old Oxford Street Plaza store in central London, now closed down, IMO.