View Full Version : Simplest/Easiest 40k Army

Lamont Cranston
31-01-2019, 15:28

I am looking a nice, simple, army for one of my friends to play that doesn't have a lot of special rules, can pretty much be just be pushed across the table and the like so it is easy to play in a casual environment. I was thinking of Khorne Daemons because then he could use it in AoS as well, but if anyone else has an opinion that would be most appreciated.


02-02-2019, 23:50
The perennial choice is generally some kind of space marine, usually standard no frills space marines fits this bill, which is one of the reasons why they are called vanilla marines.(go figure) Ork's can probably fit into this category as well. Those choices fit the rather basic starting point, yet still has capacity for growth. They also have a shallow learning curve so newbies will get up to speed in a short amount of time.

I would caution that if your friend is not so hot about the army, than no amount of simplicity will substitute a lack of enthusiasm. So if he likes the look of Eldar armies so much more, than let him play that. If you can find a spare army, see if he is willing play that until he has his chosen army assembled and painted.