View Full Version : Missing notifications

Lost Egg
06-02-2019, 19:41
I don't seem to be getting email notifications for some of the threads I follow, yet for others I do. Odd.

05-03-2019, 11:48
I have a similar problem, but with notifications in my user CP.
Could indeed be a forum bug..

Teh Real New Girl
13-03-2019, 20:58
I'll check it out...

Lost Egg
14-03-2019, 07:47
Much obliged :D

Colonel Jacka
10-01-2020, 01:58
Was this issue ever sorted?

10-01-2020, 14:33
I'm unsure. There's not that many active threads at the moment so it doesn't really stands out if I don't get notified...

Colonel Jacka
10-01-2020, 22:05
I have not been getting any notification and I had five threads that I have subscribed to used last night.