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12-02-2019, 21:42
Hi All,

A shameless plug for an upcoming exciting game that hopes to help you solve the problem, "What can I do with all of my fantasy minis?"

Check out the pre-launch KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/257732401?ref=748448&token=cce5acd6

28-02-2019, 17:02
A little more detail - the KS begins tomorrow at noon, central time

Finally, a great RPG dungeon-crawl and something to use all those minis you have lying about.

A uniquely produced economic RPG dungeon-crawl board game based in electronic files and campaign modules that are self printed.

It all started with wanting a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, but in an easy to play board game that had flexibility in exploration and was challenging. I had a multitude of minis, so did not need to spend extra money on the available board games that included all of those minis and pieces to the point of the game costing hundreds of dollars and bloated rules to where picking up a casual game with friends was nearly impossible. Why was there not a role-playing board game with easy to understand rules, super quick to set up and unlimited flexibility to make my own campaigns, use my own minis and even print the material, board, terrain and furniture as needed?

Welcome to Cavern Quest Warriors – the RPG board game where you choose one of six characters with unique abilities on a quest in search of adventure and treasure. Choose a Warrior/Fighter, Barbarian/Berserker, Cleric/Monk, Rogue/Thief, Wizard/Magic-User or an Archer/Ranger. All games pieces are designed to be printed on either paper or simple card stock (e.g. 110 lb. index) – just print what you need along with the basic rules, special cards and campaign module that includes the floor plan, creature stat panel, individual room/floor tiles and use your own minis to embark on a quest with your friends. The Cavern Master will guide the play for maximum challenge and enjoyment for the characters along with movement and battle for all creatures, keeping it enjoyable for everyone. Each campaign module gives the Cavern Master complete instructions on how to guide the players through each room and what creatures and events they will encounter. While this concept is not entirely new, the method and delivery concept are. By providing all documents electronically, you save money by printing yourself - no need to spend hundreds of dollars to get what ends up being an enormous board game.

Check out the pre-launch KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/257732401?ref=748448&token=cce5acd6

01-03-2019, 18:31
Up and live!

11-03-2019, 14:06
Come check out the game and demos at the Hill Country Comicon in New Braunfels, TX - March 16-17, 2019 at the New Braunfels Convention Center.

18-03-2019, 14:29
As we near the end of our Kickstarter, we have pushed our stretch goals to fulfill at funding! This means if we can hit our funding goal of $500 by 3/31/19, we will offer everything in the normal pledges PLUS:

• 2 free additional modules (a total of 3 in the Basic Pledge and 5 in Veteran and above)
• Pledges of Veteran and Basic will get all of the card stock furniture for free. All pledges of General will get both the furniture AND the card Stock terrain unique to each module for free.
• We will also include 10 free figure bases (eight each 1"x1" bases and two each 2"x2" bases) with all General Pledges for free. Additional bases can also be purchased for all levels at the price shown in the Add-On section.
o This means all General Pledges will receive the basic rules and set, five modules, card stock furniture and terrain, 16 dice (x2 colors) and 10 bases - all for $36 (+ $6 shipping for US and $8.50 for the rest of the world.)
Your help is appreciated in supporting a great game. We will also be developing more modules in the future to keep the game going. Thanks for your support!

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/cavern-quest-warriors

27-03-2019, 17:19
New Pledge Levels – All pieces printed!

Our new Warrior Pledge Levels will provide all material color printed as well as the electronic files. Rulebook and modules will be spiral bound and the card stock pieces will be supplied flat – all you will need to do is cut out the cards, floor tiles and other required pieces and you’re ready to start your adventure.

29-03-2019, 18:17
Last few days - just a little bit left to get us funded - any support is appreciated!!