View Full Version : Ynnari are an opportunity to add plastic Eldar units

15-02-2019, 00:18
It seems GW don't think plastic aspect warriors are financially worth it, or they would have made them by now.

However, with the creation of the Ynnari, we have the opportunity to get more bang for buck.

Ie, make the Ynnari codex with unique new units, that you can construct from aspect units.

Wailing crones/howling banshees
Shadow stalkers/striking scorpions
Death's hand/dark reapers


They can then build a whole new codex and release units for two armies at once

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Lost Egg
15-02-2019, 06:51
Yeah I wonder where they are gunna go long-term with this force. I could see Eldar & Dark Eldar being blended together with a dash of old school Eldar thrown in to make a completely new faction as the two homogenise more and more. I am sure there will be echoes with what they have planned for High Elves & Dark Elves in AoS.