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21-02-2019, 12:57
Hi guys,
Our gaming group have been playing the Rulebook missions to death and are looking for something new to add a bit more spice to our games. We mainly play 'Matched Play' one-off games with little/no narrative to tie the games together so any recommendations on new mission source material would be greatly appreciated.

I understand that the plethora of recent boxed starter sets (Tooth and Claw), (The Eldar one??), (Forgebane) may have had a few missions in them but were these specific to the armies included in the boxes?

Any help in adding more variety to our games would be a big help.
Many thanks

Lord Damocles
21-02-2019, 19:11
You could grab a 3rd or 4th edition rulebook off eBay. They had additional missions like Escalating Engagement, Breakout, Strongpoint Assault, etc.

You might need to do a little adjustment to bring them into line with the current edition, but it would be minimal.

Similarly, see if you can find a copy of Battle Missions from 5th edition. Some of the missions are a bit janky, but there are lots to choose from.

26-02-2019, 16:09
Thanks for the reply. I found a cheap copy of 'Battle Missions' on Ebay so will give that a try. Also, I believe the new Chapter Approved has a few missions in so that should keep us going for a bit. Thanks for the suggestions.

26-02-2019, 16:30
The chapter approved books have a load of new missions, and stuff for cityfight, planetfall etc.