View Full Version : Can anyoen help me identify these figures?

27-02-2019, 23:32
Hello. I've been given a load of figures and was hoping someone could help me identify them. Any help would be appreciated.238302238303238304238305238306

Lost Egg
28-02-2019, 05:38
Pic 1 - 2 Grey Knight terminators with an Inquisitor between them

Pic 2 - Grey Knight squad...I'm not sure what kind of squad though as they each have different roles and names

Pic 3 - More grey knights but again I'm not sure what squad they are from

Pic 4 - 2 Space Marine Terminators

Pic 5 - Khorne Bloodletter on Juggernaught and I'm not sure what the mini on foot is...it doesn't look like a Games Workshop mini to me

Hope that helps :cool:

Lord Damocles
28-02-2019, 16:53
The Grey Knights in #2 are the contents of the 3rd edition squad box set (incinerator, 3 halberds, Justicar with sword). They're what is now called a Strike Squad.

#3 are from the current Grey Knights box (incinerator, sword, warding stave).

12-03-2019, 12:54
Thanks for your help. Very detailed answers.
I've got this figure on a plastic frame as well. Do you know what it is? I hope it's OK me asking these questions. I've got some others I might ask about as well if that's ok.


Lord Damocles
12-03-2019, 18:47
He's a Stormcast Eternals Liberator from Age of Sigmar.

I believe he came free with an issue of White Dwarf a couple of years ago.

23-03-2019, 08:15
Can confirm Lost Egg's response, those are indeed the kits. Came out right about when I started playing.

26-03-2019, 06:01
Also of note is the Heavy Flamer Terminator is the one that came in the Space Hulk boxed set and later in the Space Marine Battleforce for 3rd Ed.