View Full Version : The Rumored Lion Box Set, What Is It? (NOT A RUMOR THREAD!!!)

28-04-2019, 00:28
There has been this rumor going around about a future box set called "The Lion." The only consistent speculation has been Dark Angels might be involved. Makes sense. However, the other pieces of speculation surrounding this rumor has been all over the place. Some people are saying DA are fighting an Imperial army. Others have said DA fighting the Fallen. If I had to to take a stab at it, it could be DA and Emperor's Children.

With Slaanesh being the big thing now with Chaos in AoS (which means it'll be big in 40k soon), it would only make sense something is coming for EC some time in the near future. Maybe later on down the road they, along with World Eaters, will be pulled out of the CSM codex and each put into their own codex with new units (and new models for existing units, ie Noise Marines and Berzerkers). Pretty confident Fulgrim might come soon and will play a big role in the new fluff (same with Angron, but he'll be later on). Possibly a conflict with the DA and The Rock will come up, and there might be a fight with the forces of Slaanesh over it. Then, at the darkest hour, Lion'el Jonson wakes up and saves The Rock. That's one theory.

The other idea could be Adeptus Soritas (Sisters Of Battle). They could have discovered the true secret behind the DA and were sent to confront them. Plus, they have a new codex coming, so that's another reason, and what better way to get new AS models than through a box set that costs $150 (GW's method)? Anyway, it could be an opportunity for, again, for Jonson to wake up and put an end to the conflict. Along with the idea that Slaanesh is involved, and they work together to fight off his forces, and save the day.

Just 2 theories that I had that MAYBE could explain the supposed new box set coming. Could it be an entirely different Imperial army altogether? Could it be the Fallen? Now, if it's real, I can see, not just new Primaris units, but Chapter specific ones, such as Intercessors with robes, cloaks, and hoods with DA insignia on the models. Maybe a Primaris Azrael model or some generic DA Primaris Captain. The whole thing could be a false rumor. One things for certain, we'll find out sooner or later. What do you think it is, if there's some truth to this?

Lord Damocles
28-04-2019, 11:05
I've not seen any mention of this rumour. Where is it doing the rounds?

Bear in mind that the vast majority of rumours without supporting evidence turn out to be, at best, guesses based on obvious future releases (eg. updated plastic Berzerkers and Noise Marines, new Primaris), or else just wildly untrue (eg. plastic Thunderhawk, Summer of Fliers, squatting of Slaanesh).

'The Lion' doesn't sound like a title GW would ordinarily give to a box set, nor how they've titled the other Primarch boxes.