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Cavern Quest Warriors Vol II launches June 1st!! We have added so much more to the pledges and also will include free stl files for furniture as well as the files for card stock furniture. Get book cases, single/double doors, weapon racks, altars, treasure chests, chairs, benches and tables!! We also have pledges that include the campaign modules printed for you.

Pick your character and venture forth for fame and glory. Cavern Quest Warriors is not your normal board game. With a unique role-playing twist that allows for more interactive adventure between the characters and the Cavern Master, you must work together as a team and choose your path, becoming more powerful as your character advances.
Cavern Quest Warriors is a role-playing board game that is quick to set up, easy to play and full of adventure. With one player acting as the Cavern Master, each player will choose their class of character, all with unique talents and abilities to embark on a quest in search of riches and glory. The game can be played with as few as 2 players and up to as many as 7. The character stats also allow for increased levels, which in turn bring forth greater abilities – all to better equip players to battle even tougher foes!

Get all of this in a Basic $14 pledge:
Basic rule book
Magic/potion/spell/item/weapon cards
Character sheets
3 campaign modules – Chateau de Guillant-levels 1-3, Halls of Valhalla-levels 2-5, The Giant Tomb-levels 4-7. Each campaign module includes:
Campaign module booklet with story and all details of the campaign
Detailed individual floor tiles with 1” grid
Creature panel with all creature stats and abilities for easy reference
Campaign specific cards (weapons, treasure, etc.)
Campaign token and ruler sheet
Applicable trap markers
Card stock (for print & assembly) and STL files (for 3D printing) for all furniture: Bookshelves, single and double doors, treasure chests, chairs, benches, tables, weapon racks and altars.


We appreciate your support!!

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Check out the updates for the included campaign modules:


• Chateau de Guillant – For character levels 1-3
o What did you overhear that rogue, half scared out of his wits, blabbering about in the tavern while desperately trying to drown out the memory? What lurks in the Guillant Mansion that sits atop the fog covered hill?
• Devils in Duskmire – For character levels 1-3
o Malacroft mansion stands alone on the hill, looking out towards the sea. Will you brave the living and the dead to rid Duskmire of its devils??
• Halls of Valhalla – For character levels 2-5
o What did that foul dwarven wizard get us into? Barely had we heard his half-baked story when we awaken in the dwarven, Norse God dedicated halls. What immense power (and treasure) lies within?
• The Giant Tomb – For character levels 4-7
o What a stroke of fortune to find parts of the tomb key in that tavern and be guided to the huge, forgotten tomb, full of treasure. It almost seems too good to be true!
• The Battle for Westerbrooke – For character levels 6-10
o You recall Westerbrooke as a peaceful town with rolling hills - a perfect place to relax... or so it was. Something's wrong and no one knows, but the screams you can hear in the night chill you to the bone.

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First Module - character levels 1-3

Chateau de Guillant

Pick your character and venture forth for fame and glory. Cavern Quest Warriors is not your normal board game. With a unique role-playing twist that allows for more interactive adventure between the characters and the Cavern Master, you must work together as a team and pick your path, becoming more powerful as your character advances.

Your band of heroes sets out in search of adventure and treasure (oh yes, lots of treasure) where you will be pitted to the utmost of your capabilities and skills to solve the riddle of the Guillant family mansion. The Chateau de Guillant campaign contains all of the special items you will need:

Campaign Quest Book

Special Item, Potion, Weapon and Spell cards

Over 50 unique floor tiles (dual-sided)

Creature reference sheets and stats (CM panel)

Complete floor plan for all rooms and 3 floors

Card stock markers, tokens and more

Card stock pdfs for paper terrain and .stl files for 3D printing for all needed furniture

Pick one of six player characters, all with unique abilities and talents – Are you a Fighter, Barbarian, Thief, Cleric, Wizard or Archer? This campaign blends the board game and role-playing experience to bring Cavern Quest Warriors into a more free form exploration and playing adventure in an easy to understand and play format.


The roguish looking fellow bursts through the tavern door, stumbles flat, immediately gets back onto his feet and hurries to the bar. He pounds his dirty fist onto the bar, splashing a few of the patron’s drinks, to their scowling looks. The barkeep seems to know this fellow and gives an exasperated look, but still sets a pint in front of him.

“What have you done now, Bartolo?” the barkeep says with a somewhat disinterested look in his eye.

“It was ‘oribble, I swear to you,” says the quite frantic rogue in a hurried and hushed voice. He takes a great swallow from his pint, then takes another along with a deep breath. Although the following words rush from his lips in a whisper, it carries to your group without difficulty.

“We tawt it would be easy lickin’ to ransack the old Geeyaw Mansion. After all, it has not seen a soul comin’ or goin’ for ‘ears and tawt to be vacant. We knew there had to be somethin’ still hidin’ in that great ‘ouse, and we had ‘eard the stories like everyone else ‘bout the gold and treasure that had been hoarded by the Geeyaw family over the years. Nothing ever left ‘da place, I tell you, so it all ‘as to still be inna ‘ouse. But, we were attacked by devils and monsters, I tell you. Monsters and dead things it was! It was ‘orrible! Salty Lilly and Pepper Jack… they just descended on ‘em as soon as we entered! Tearing and screaming... all of that blood! Nobody bests Pepper Jack and they just tore ‘im to shreds! I just got out with me life!

The words fly out of the rogue’s mouth without ever taking another breath. Once he is done, he takes a great inhale and quickly slurps another long drink, spilling most of the contents in his hurry to empty his mug.

Hanging on every word, your thoughts being he is in an obvious hurry to drown out the visions in his head as soon as possible. However, the barkeep just gives him a patronizing look, fills his mug and says in a very tired voice;

“Bartolo, how many times have you come in here with some such story, eh? Pepper Jack and Salty Lilly will come popping in here shortly, I promise you. You know darn well that old house is deserted, but you got no business going in there. Ain’t your house or your things to take.”

The barkeep moves on down to the other end of the bar, muttering something about always trying to get something the easy way and you would be better off with getting some honest work. Bartolo sucks down a second, followed by a third mug and then lets his head rest on the bar and soon great snores can be heard. No one else, nor the barkeep, pays the dirty rogue any further mind. What you thought was going to be just a short stay while passing through this town, might end up being profitable to stay a little longer.

You decide to mosey up and speak with the barkeep. Maybe you could find out a bit more about this ‘Geeyaw’ Mansion and maybe an enterprising group could properly ransack, er, investigate this house. Maybe start with concern for the fellow that might appear to have met an untimely demise.

“Pardon me sir, but just who is this Pepper Jack?”

“Who’s Pepper Jack?!” booms the barkeep. “Why he is the roughest, toughest, meanest sword slinger east of the Pecos,” says the barkeep. “Lilly is his gal.”

“And just where might I find this Guillant Mansion…so we can steer clear, just in case.”

“The entire Guillant family and all of their god-forsaken ilk have always kept to themselves in their mansion atop the eastern hill. They have a thousand acres all around their place and there always seems to be some fog hanging over their land. I remember as a boy how much influence the family had in this town, big parties for the well-to-do and all. But, it was more than a score of years ago when suddenly no one came or went. Only Master Robert Guillant would come to town with his devilish looking bodyguards to talk with our mayor about some such business and he would give a generous tithe to the mayor for the town. I would swear, every trip both Robert and his bodyguards would look worse each time, if that were even possible. Crazy as a loon, that Lord Robert was… Eventually, he just stopped coming. No one ever went to the house and our mayor just told everyone in the town that the family just wanted to be left in peace. I guess after all these years folks just assumed that maybe the family died off and distant relatives must have surely come and have cleaned out the house. Anyway, only a fool like Bartolo would get involved with Pepper Jack and his ilk and think there was anything left up there.”

The barkeep turns to serve another patron clearly what should be his last mug of the night. He does not turn back to talk anymore. But, the short conversation is enough to whet your appetite…

Your party decides a trip to the Chateau de Guillant would be a prudent use of time on your way out of town. In your early start in the dark hours of the morning, heading east, you encounter a bothersome fog and as the sun peeks over the horizon trying desperately to penetrate this infernal mist, you soon strain to spot the outline of the Guillant lands, and the silhouette of the mansion outline. It is a horrible, irregular, misshapen house. Something’s not right with its shape. You have a hard time swallowing and your mouth feels awfully dry.

Your trek up the long, wide drive ends in a round-a-bout at the head of the great house. Its miserable state of advanced decay made the worse by the ghostly audible shrieks that seem to emanate from the house. You can’t be sure you actually hear anything… it could only be in your mind as you look up at the cold, stone front of the house. The great front door appears slightly ajar. It creaks with a resounding echo as you slowly push it open…

Chateau de Guillant is a Cavern Quest Warriors adventure for character levels 1-3.

11-06-2019, 14:11
Module Update - For character levels 2-5

Halls of Valhalla

What did that foul dwarven wizard get us into? Barely had we heard his half-baked story when we awaken in the dwarven, Norse God dedicated halls. What immense power (and treasure) lies within?

Your characters set out to explore and escape from the dwarven stronghold and dedicated Halls of Asgard. The Halls of Valhalla full campaign contains all of the special items you will need:

Campaign Quest Book

Special Item, Potion, Weapon and Spell cards

New character reference sheets and stats (CM panel)

Complete floor plan for all rooms and floors (First level, Lower level and Jotunheim) - 33 Floor tiles utilize the reverse Chateau de Guillant tiles

Trap markers

Recommended for character levels 2-5. Cavern Quest Warriors basic rules and set up required for play.


The group sits exhausted, reliving the adventures of the Chateau over many pints. Well into the night, a stout dwarf approaches and bounces his staff on the already broken tile floor of the tavern to get your attention. As each member of the party’s eyes move in unison to the short dwarf’s figure, you smirk…This might be amusing…

“Is this the group responsible for lifting the Guillant curse? Well, let me provide a round of drink for you all!” says the dwarf.

As a new round of drinks in colorful mugs is put down, you sip a tasty brew. The dwarf strokes his grey-flecked black beard and eyes each of you, as if in careful measurement. Then, with a cheerful twinkle in his eye, he begins.

“What a wonderful story I heard about your adventure! Such an enterprising group could surely help me in my quest, don’t you think? I am Gordel Boldimer, the great dwarven wizard of the Skoldang Clan. We have long worshipped the proper Gods of the world and have dedicated great halls to their honor. In fact, many of the Gods reside within them!”

Quite the animated fellow, this wizard… He continues his story as you enjoy his free drink.

“But alas, the Gods have become very indifferent to humanity and many of our halls have fallen victim to time. And, an infernal Orc infestation, but that is nothing your party should be alarmed about. Why it should be no trouble at all for you to clear the halls for me, er, us.”

Something is not right. How did he know about Guillant when we just got back? You are finding it a bit harder to concentrate as the dwarf goes on. In your increasingly groggy state, you are not quite sure what you are hearing now. Something about if we happen to find a spear along the way?

The last thing you remember hearing is a dark chuckle and the name “Gungnir” before your heavy lids shut entirely…

~ ~ ~ ~

Your head is pounding as you slowly open your eyes. Thank the Gods it is very dark in here, where ever you are. You remember the tavern, the drink, and oh yes, the dwarven wizard. However, as you peel your face from a cold, stone floor, you realize you are no longer in the tavern, nor a nice, warm bed. But, in a hard, stone hall under dim torch light. The heavy stone door behind you is tightly shut and the way ahead looks dark. You can barely make out dwarvish runes carved into the walls.

You desperately try to recall the last remnants of the conversation. So, he wants a spear? Why? And, why does really he need us?

What has that foul dwarven wizard gotten us mixed up into?

17-06-2019, 15:08
Module Update - for character levels 4-7

The Giant Tomb

What a stroke of fortune to find parts of the tomb key in that tavern and be guided to the huge, forgotten tomb, full of treasure. It almost seems too good to be true!

Your veteran characters set out to explore the mysterious tomb, full of twisting catacombs and ferocious beasts. And, within you will find a game within the game that pits the players/characters against each other. The Giant Tomb module contains the following:

Campaign Quest Book

Special Item, Potion, Weapon cards and Trap tiles

Creature reference sheets and stats (CM panel)

Complete floor plan for all rooms and floors

48 Floor tiles with room features noted – some rooms are made up from more than one tile

Printable card stock terrain and 3D STL files for all furniture

- Card stock critical terrain pieces (General Pledges)

Minotaur Catacombs game floorplan and special rules (also includes layout and required pieces to set-up with any brand dungeon tiles for maximum realistic play)

Recommended for character levels 4-7. Cavern Quest Warriors basic rules and set required for play.


There is a quiet lull in the tavern where your group sits at the base of a large mountain. This short stop before you move on in a few days will be a well needed rest. The colorful, iridescence from a fractured piece of polished stone behind the barkeep catches your eye.

As the barkeep puts down another round of ale on the bar, he catches you looking over his shoulder at the piece attached to the wall.

“It is quite a colorful piece, isn’t it?” he asks. “I have had it hanging up here for years. I received it in payment for a bar tab from an old rogue. I don’t really know much more about it, but always thought it livened up the place, so I accepted it as payment. He said something about returning for it, but that was years ago.”

You take another look before you turn with your fresh round of drinks to your table and notice the strange, rough runes carved in the stone. It looks to be like a piece of some large plate-sized stone pie. For some reason you find this piece…intriguing.

As you take the mugs back to your table, your party starts to get drawn back into the discussion of where to head to next. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a small, quiet man with mouse-like features staring at you from a corner table. As he stands and approaches, you can tell he is not fully human, standing only up to your shoulder, very slight build and a very pointed face.

“Pardon me, but I noticed you looking at Goland’s piece hung behind the bar. May I sit? I think I have more information that could be very beneficial for you.”

You make a motion to join the group, but you are cautious…

“Goland is a fool and does not know what he possesses,” starts the mouse-like man. “I have been to the opening in the mountain, but alas, it would be too difficult for me to finish a quest like this.”

The man eyes the piece behind the bar and continues. “It is part of the key to opening a giant tomb full of riches.” His eyes sparkle as he continues. “And, I have a second piece in my possession. If you can talk Goland out of his piece, I will take you to the opening in the mountain and sell you my piece, as well. It seems there are four more pieces, but I have good knowledge they are still in the tomb.”

You shift in your seat, but the lure and excitement of this treasure hunt in this sleepy mountain village has peaked your interest. “And, just how much will this trinket of yours, along with the guided tour, cost us?”

“I happen to know the stone piece in payment for the old ruffian’s bar tab was only 10 gold. I am sure he would sell it for 25. I will sell you my piece for 25 and show you the path through the mountain to the tomb opening for another 50. As you can see, I am too small to go wandering into a dark tomb, but am glad to see someone show interest, as you all surely seem interested in a good treasure hunt. If I can make a little gold, then I am happy.”

An investment of 100 gold with the chance of opening a giant tomb full of riches? You have paid much more in the past for old treasure maps that promised much less. And there is something about the radiant glow of that pie-shaped stone fragment that seems to draw you in.

“Show us the second piece of the tomb key and you have a deal,” you say in a quiet tone. The mouse-man reaches deep into his cloak and draws forth a carefully wrapped pie-shaped piece. He gingerly and reverently unwraps the piece and as the last fold opens, the brilliant iridescence is unmistakable.

The barkeep, Goland, was only too happy to part with his piece for 25 gold pieces and remarked it proved a good investment for him. You did not let on that you might know the true nature of the stone, but only you found it intriguing and it would suit your collection very well. When matched to the second fragment, they fit together perfectly to form about two-thirds of a full circle. There does seem to be six that will complete the circle, so four other pieces remain.

The next morning you meet the mouse-man and start the trek up the mountain pass. A cool breeze soon turns into a cold wind as you get higher. You creep along steep ledges and squeeze through tight crevices. When all at once, you stand before an enormous crevice with a huge, smooth stone doorway chiseled into the side of the mountain. The stone door has just a slight part that looks to be able to be pried open.

“Take care in there,” the mouse remarks. “We will chat upon your return and you can tell me all about it.”

The mouse quickly turns and hurries back down the mountain. You watch him turn a corner and he is gone. You pat the two pieces of stone wrapped at your side; take a deep breath and turn to eye the huge door. As you stand before the creviced opening in the mountain, the wind seems to bring the voice of the mouse up the mountain and to your ears…

“Ha! Another fool group and another 100 gold to split with Goland – this is the best racket we ever cooked up.” A short cackle and then, “I wonder how long it will be before they are all dead and the pieces come back this time?”

~ ~ ~ ~

…Too late to give up now. The heavy door takes all of the party’s might to open just enough to squeeze each through, one-at-a time.

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Module Update - for character levels 6-10

The Battle for Westerbrooke

You recall Westerbrooke as a peaceful town with rolling meadows - a perfect place to relax… or so it was. Something’s wrong and no one knows, but the screams you can hear in the night chill you to the bone.

Your veteran characters stop through one of your favorite towns only to find something is taking over. Your party needs to discover the horrible truth and put an end to the tragic carnage before all is lost. Your discovery will lead to a massive battlefield where you will face overwhelming odds. The Battle for Westerbrooke module contains the following:

Campaign Quest Book

Special Item, Potion and Weapon cards

Creature reference sheets and stats (CM panel)

Complete floor plan of three levels for all rooms and areas

34 Floor tiles with all room features noted - this module features card stock walls within the rooms to hide creatures and features until visible and a town street and shop layout suitable for 3D layout.

Printable card stock terrain and 3P print STL files for all furniture. General Pledges include card stock critical terrain pieces

Large battlefield configuration and special rules (can be played separately with larger forces)

o Can your party survive the waves of creatures while protecting the tomb? Strategy is required as to when to call in your reinforcements for maximum effect.

Recommended for levels 6-10. Cavern Quest Warriors basic rules and set required for play.


Your party has been looking forward to spending some time in Westerbrooke. With its green meadows and small town charm you have even traveled considerably out of your way, just to visit and relax after a long time on the road. Just what this tired group needs.

As you make your way down the road into the small town, the sun is just starting to rest behind the hills and a silky fire permeates the sky. The old familiar farms that dot the road seem oddly quiet. As you continue and the sun sets further, you notice no lights coming from any farmhouse. Surely someone inside would have lit a lantern by now. You discuss this fact among yourselves and decide a stop at the tavern just inside the town would be welcome after your long trek. This night seems much colder than the last. Although the night is still and no wind blows, you seem to see movement in the shadows.

As you enter the small town it is pitch black. No torches burn in the street sconces and you see no activity, but just a deserted street. The only light being very faint glows coming from the inside of a few of the shops along the main street and you are pleased to see a weak light coming from your favorite tavern, The Blue Goose.

The normally crowded tavern is deserted. As you make your way further in, a timid set of eyes peer over from behind the bar. At first they act surprised, but soon show relief. The figure slowly stands and you recognize Eli Longfellow. He has run The Blue Goose with his partner, Gordo, for as long as you can remember, but he now looks more old and pale than the years should show as he slowly approaches you. A huge meat cleaver is gripped tightly in his shaking hand. It is usually Gordo that prepares the meals and was frequently seen with a bloody apron and a cleaver, but Gordo is nowhere to be seen.

“I had lost hope seeing any more friendly faces,” Eli says while his eyes dart back and forth from you to the windows to the door. “I had promised myself this would be the last night I would stay in this cursed town, but I have nowhere to go.”

It is then you hear the wail. It starts low and builds to a shriek that comes from no living being. Eli crouches down low, as if your party will hide him from what he expects to burst through the door at any second.

“Oh, it is early for the Banshee wails to start. This is going to be a bad one. I fear we may not make it through the night.” Eli slowly starts to back away from the door to cower again behind the bar.

“Eli, what is going on?! Where is Gordo, where is everybody?” All of you can’t help but feel pity for Eli as he struggles to speak. The cleaver drops from his hand and hits the wooden floor with a dull thud. He wipes his eyes as he speaks.

“Gordo is gone… he came at me just a few nights ago and I was only able to get him off of me when I grabbed the cleaver.” Eli starts to sob and continues, “He has been my friend almost my whole life. All we had was this tavern and he became one of those ’things’ and came at me. I had to do it, do you understand? I had to!”

“What of the town garrison?” you ask. Eli relives the horrid tale from the start. He says at first it was random encounters, far off in the country, but it came closer to town within the past week and then the residents, shopkeepers and the town soldiers would disappear. Sometimes to later appear as a wandering, flesh-eating creature or worse.

Your group decides a look through town might uncover some clues as to this bizarre scenario in this once peaceful town. You gather your nerves as the shrieks in the night grow louder and you ready yourselves to walk out into the dark night.

Something terrible must have this town in its grip… And you know you are the ones to break it.

~ ~ ~ ~

Your group starts out the door and looks upon the dark and empty street. Each once busy shop along the road seems to have the cold grip of death upon it, yet you venture forth. As the road stretches out before you until your eyes can no longer see the end of the street, you look to each side and wonder where to start. That is when the screams grow the loudest.

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Final Week! Only a bit over $200 left to get us funded!

Your support is greatly appreciated!